This Is Not an Article about Rachel Dolezal

I normally keep this blog light and entertaining but this was too powerful not to share.

Black Millennials

I’m not writing about Rachel Dolezal. There’s no need for her — and her lies, cultural theft, violence, and overall fuckery — to take up any more space.

But since we’re all so transfixed with Black women now, can we perhaps channel our collective societal anger and newfound enlightenment towards Arnesha Bowers, the 16-year-old Black girl and 11th grader at City College who was stalked, sexually assaulted, strangled, robbed, and set on fire by two gang members in Baltimore?

You may have missed her story. After all, the deaths of Black women rarely raise national outrage.

Bowers was recently killed by Adonay Dixon (23) and John Childs (20), two Blood affiliates. Baltimore, a notoriously impoverished city with high rates of violence and crime, has seen a significant spike in homicide following the death of Freddie Grey. Dixon met Arnesha Bowers at a party, and thinking her grandmother with whom she lived had money…

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One thought on “This Is Not an Article about Rachel Dolezal

  1. stephaniejynelle says:

    Life is precious. There is life that is not valued by God, our creator. This behavior breaks my heart. I don’t get it. Why is hatred the choice? Hatred, cruelty and sadism are a choice. I am not okay with this from anyone. Devaluing a life this way is beyond any words. There is darkness so vast that I can’t even imagine choosing to go there. There is no freedom in violence. It traps you and doesn’t care.
    Every life is precious, not because of race or skin color but because it is a life, a human being, a possibility of greatness.

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