S&M IV – Scott


Dove and Aileen were godsends.

Dove was an immaculate beauty with intricate tattoos all over her body. Pear-shaped with a knockout body and submissive attitude to match, she was willing to please her Masters, no matter the task. Long, blonde hair, a beautiful smile, and sweet eyes, Dove was the epitome of a submissive.

Aileen was a vixen with an hourglass shape and quiet demeanor. She had long, wavy brunette hair, soft brown eyes, and full, pouty lips. Her thick, long legs were often hidden under work attire but when her Masters wanted her to show them off, she never hesitated.

They were the perfect medicine for Scott.

The women helped Scott off the sofa and escorted Him to His bedroom. They undressed Him before leading Him into the shower, where Dove turned on the water. They all stepped inside and bathed each other, sneaking in kisses as they pressed their soapy bodies against one another.

“What do you want us to do, Master?” Dove asked.

“Everything.” He replied.


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