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Behind the Pen: So what’s on the menu? #YA #NA #nook #kindle #ebook


Well, a lot.

The goal is to release a new book every month for the rest of the year so I hope to stay pretty busy. I have a few books in mind and I’ll talk about them a little here:

The Breakaway series – this is my little series that could. It’s a been a sleeper success as I go into a new category and audience. There’s one more book in the trilogy and that’s it. Sydney and Dean will go off somewhere and ice-skate to HEA. The overall story so far is 42,000 words and it’s only two books. So yeah, you’re getting a full-length novel for very cheap. Consider yourself lucky.

Blow by Blow – as I mentioned before, I’m giving this book a makeover and making the heroine White like I originally had her. This will be out soon. It’ll be a New Adult erotica.

Jackson & Liane trilogy – Working on it as I speak. This is IR multicultural. There are two more books in the series. The second book should be out relatively soon.

Love & War – same as above. It’ll be tentatively priced between $7.99 and $9.99 USD. (I should note the success of other stories will be a strong factor in how much Love and War will cost, so yes, it could be even cheaper than the starting price of $7.99.) I’m struggling with pairing Tony with a Black woman for his story so I consider Love & War to be the final IR book in the D’Amato Brothers until I’m convinced otherwise.

Soul Infinity Crew – this is the S&M YA spinoff, though the lead character is a Black female and not Scott and Mariana’s daughter. This will be out later this year.

Untitled boxing story – this is a story I had in mind last year and it’ll be a joint effort with my husband since he’ll help me a lot with the translation. I’m not sure what the heroine looks like quite yet.

This is in addition to other books I plan on releasing under a different pen name. I’ve already released a few and they’re doing pretty well! (For obvious reasons, that pen name will remain a secret.)

Um, that’s about it.

Happy Loving Day!



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