SnarkySunday: S&M IV #nook #kindle #ebook


“Some of your fans admonished your actions. Some say they won’t longer support any projects you’re connected to…”

Caprina sipped a cup of tea. “They were never true fans to begin with. All I can say is fuck them. They need to talk about me to get attention because if they spoke about themselves no one would give a fuck.”

“But doesn’t this concern you?” Sheree leaned forward. “That you’re being dragged like this by those who supposedly supported you?”

“Everybody is not a fighter. Everybody is not a shooter. But everybody is tough behind that computer.” Caprina rhymed.

Sheree smirked. “That was a cute rhyme.”

“It was a true one.” Caprina had just about enough of Sheree and her incessant questions. It seemed she asked the same question over and over, to the point of insanity, and was begging Caprina to give her some sort of sound bite. The woman asked for it and Caprina was about to grant her the wish. “Can I address the camera?”

“Most certainly!” Sheree pointed to the camera for Caprina.

Caprina turned to the camera. “I mean you go on and on and on. You spend most of your free time online; not with your families, friends, or any loved ones. If you have a job, surely you’re ignoring it. And for what? To talk about someone who for one, doesn’t know who you are and most importantly, doesn’t know you even exist. You probably know my schedule better than my manager does. I bet you check all of my pages and websites more than my actual fans do. I don’t understand how you say you don’t like me, yet, you track every fucking move I do. I mean, how does it feel knowing I live rent-free in your head?

“Let me ask you if the following applies to you. Do you go online often during the day, sometimes interrupting work and other pressing matters? Do you argue with complete and total strangers about your point of view? Do you bad-mouth someone you never met, probably will never meet, and who is probably doing better than you? Are you overweight? Do you have a belief in God and claim to be religious yet you slander someone the moment opportunity presents itself? Does any of that apply to you? If so, I’m afraid you suffer from Bitter Cunt Syndrome. But, there is a cure! You know what that cure is? I’ll tell you what that cure is! Mind your own fucking business.

“If you don’t like me and you’re still watching everything I do,” Caprina smiled to the camera, “then bitch, you’re a fan.”



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