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It’s funny how trying to ‘fit in’ made me have a regrettable decision.

A couple of years ago, I released a story about an unapologetic call girl named Mariah and her various exploits. It was called Blow by Blow. Originally, the story was about a White call girl named Maria, but I changed the ethnicity of the heroine to see if I could market it in the IR category.

I can honestly say, that’s probably one of the few regrets I’ve had in writing life.

When I changed Maria into Mariah, I changed a lot of the story and consequently, I also lost a bit of the magic that went with it. In my mind, she was still a hood-sounding White chick but now I had to put a Black face on her. It didn’t fit and it didn’t work.

As I began to work on the sequel, I couldn’t continue knowing the mistake I made. So I decided to have a do-over. I pulled Blow by Blow from Amazon and will start to pull it from the other retailers and rebrand it in its original form. It’ll have a new cover, but just about the same storyline. And hopefully, a lot of the recovered magic.

Normally this would be the time where I would tell those who’d purchased the previous copy to not worry and I’ll give them the free updated one, but since I have secret fans who let me live rent-free in their heads like to report me, I can’t do that. My sincere apologies.



Maria Jacobs is one of L.A.’s finest – finest escorts, that is. She has serviced everyone from A-list actors, singer, and athletes, with no signs of slowing down. However, when a client wants to pursue a relationship with her, not to mention dealing with an ex-boyfriend who can’t seem to leave her alone, Maria might have to put on the breaks and re-evaluate what she really wants out of her life.

Athlete-cum-actor Randall Keith always had it his way – and that’s exactly how he likes it. With all the money and fame he can handle, it is no wonder he is the golden boy of the sports world. When he orders an escort to keep him company, he ended up more than what he bargained for and is determined to let Maria know why she is exactly what he wants.

A-list athlete/actor Johnny Alvarez cares about his ex-girlfriend/escort, Maria. Maybe he cares about her too much. When he hears that Maria is servicing one of his friends, Johnny makes it a point to intercept Randall’s pass to Maria before it’s too late.

Can Maria keep Randall at bay without disrupting her income? Can Johnny convince Maria she should leave the business – and leave Randall alone at the same time?

Blow by Blow is a New Adult romantic comedy that contains explicit sex scenes and frank language.


Randall went over by the desk and set down his luggage. Although he’s no virgin—at least I hope not—it’s clear this is Randall’s first time hiring a girl for sex. He fidgets with his slacks a little, not sure if he should take them off or if that’s my job. He covers his mouth with his right hand and seemingly stares out into space, a signal that maybe hiring an escort wasn’t a smart idea.

And of course, the last tell-tale sign of Randall’s nervousness: he’s playing with his wedding band. He’s thinking about her. He’s wondering what he’s doing. He’s wondering what she’s doing. He’s contemplating calling the whole thing off, which is just fucking great for me. It means tonight I’ll be taking the lead—yet again.

My wig better not fall off.

“It’s okay to be nervous, Randall,” I walked over to him. I sit at a comfortable distance from him – close enough where I mean business and far enough where I’m not crowding his space. My job is to make the client feel as comfortable as possible. The moment he starts thinking about changing his mind, I need to do whatever I can to convince him why that was a bad thought. You see if Randall bails, I don’t get my bonus.

Let’s break it down. Randall calls the booker and sets up the appointment. Off the bat, the booker gets a small percentage of the date; usually between five and eight percent. You probably don’t think that’s a lot but if the date is running several thousand and the girls book a lot dates in a day, you can easily make a grand in just a few hours.

Okay, so after the date is set, Molly and Cynthia process the payment, which is always due immediately via credit card, money order, or cashier’s check. For some reason, Briana doesn’t allow the clients to pay cash but whatever it’s her business. From there, Briana takes out her share of the date, which is damn big. I believe it’s 57 percent. Yeah, Briana isn’t stupid.

From there, I get my share of the date. Now, if I really made a good impression—aka gave really good head—I get an extra bonus from Briana, which could range from five hundred to a thousand dollars.

That is why, ladies and gentlemen, this motherfucker better not leave.

I scoot a little closer to Randall and brush a lock of hair behind an ear. Gently, I place a hand in between his thighs and rub lightly. “What can I do to make you more comfortable?” What in the fuck can I do so I get my bonus?

Randall takes my hand and gives it a squeeze. Good. That’s a very good sign. He warmed up. He then kisses my hand. Awe. How fucking romantic of the bastard. He looks over at me and gives me the look. You know the one. The look that screams, ‘I’m about to tear that ass up.’

Guess Randall wasn’t feeling so guilty about his wife after all. Good. Let’s quit the bullshit and start fucking already. I have a credit card bill I need to pay off.

Blow by Blow, in its entirety, will be out later this summer. It’s a New Adult erotica.