#FlashFriday: Breakaway #newadult #nook #kindle #ebook #romance


“Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way,” Dean looked behind him at the pool table, “let’s play.”

“Sure thing.” Sydney began to hop off the pool table when Dean stopped her and pulled her on top of him.

“No, I want to play with you.” He swept his lips across hers before she opened her mouth and let him in. He tasted her hunger and need, while letting her explore his. His mouth moved to her neck, where he nibbled and kissed it, yearning for more.

He rolled her over to her back and they both shed their clothing in rapid time. He grabbed a nearby condom and sheathed on him before he entered her. Their bodies moved synchronized perfectly as Dean drove inside her. They found the perfect rhythm and moved together, lost in each other. Push and pull. In and out. Once again, they climbed higher and higher until a climax ricocheted within Sydney’s being and she felt lost, floating in air.

“Dean…baby…” she softly moaned as the orgasm shot through her.

Dean heard her cries and thrust a few more times before he came, a throaty groan escaping his lips. He eased himself off his girlfriend and kissed her sweaty forehead as she snuggled into his arms.

He knew then, it wasn’t just him being in like with Sydney; he loved her. He was determined to make their relationship work, one way or another.

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