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Eli shoved his hands in his pockets and pursed his lips together. “If you ever visit my home, you have to sit on the sofa. It’s really comfortable.”

“Ouch,” Simone grimaced. “Still mad, huh?”

“I’m used to it,” Eli sighed. “She’ll be mad for a few days and not talk to me, despite me apologizing over and over. Then I’ll go out and buy something nice and expensive and all’s forgiven. But what I can do?”

“Sounds like you have expensive fights.” Simone smiled.

“Sometimes,” Eli admitted with a smile. “But for the most part, it’s not that bad. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for helping me out last night with your advice. I guess whenever Faye calms down, I’ll talk to her and apologize again.

“You’re welcome, Eliodoro.” She gave him a hug and immediately regretted it. Why did he have to feel so good against her flesh? She felt her heart pound out of her chest and she took a deep breath. It was a damn crime how badly she wanted that man.

“You always called me by my government name,” Eli quietly said. “I always wondered why you did.”

“Because that’s your name,” Simone spoke in his ear, “why would I call you anything but that?”

Simone’s lips were soft, slightly wet with moisture, and felt like heaven against Eli’s earlobe. He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her. His cock was twitching in his jeans and he knew she felt it as well. “Moni…” Her name rolled off his tongue like slow pouring honey. “…I was supposed to come in here and tell you goodbye and I can’t see you anymore.”

Simone felt her sex softly contract. Her breathing became slightly sporadic and she wanted Eli to take her down in the office with window shades up and for all to see. “It seems whenever that happens, we’re never that successful with saying goodbyes.”

He walked her back to her office, still holding her close to his body. “No, we’re not,” Eli cleared off Simone’s desk, pushing all of the items on the floor. He grabbed Simone’s waist and hoisted her on the desk. He ripped open her blouse, causing the buttons to fly everywhere and hit the walls and ceiling. Eli hiked up Simone’s skirt around her waist and stood between her legs. He reached down and caressed her sex; she was moist through her bikini panties. “Fuck, Moni…”

“Eliodoro…” Simone moaned as she twitched on her desk. “I want you to fuck me.”

“I’m going to, baby,” Eli began to unbuckle his belt. “I’m so going to.” Suddenly his cell phone rang. He recognized the ring tone and knew he had to pick up the phone. “Hey, ma.”

Simone’s eyes flew open and watched Eli talk on the phone with his mother. They were talking of weekend plans with Nathan and some of her relatives. She watched Eli’s expression morph from lust-filled potential lover to a parent who made tentative plans knowing they would be shot to hell. She had always believed in divine intervention but this was ridiculous.

She forced herself to sit up, and she got off the desk. She gathered the desk items from the floor and just tossed them in a nearby box; she would take care of it in the morning. Her main concern at the moment was getting home and away from Eli for good.

“I’m sorry about that,” Eli said to Simone after his phone call ended, “I had to answer that.”

“It’s okay.” Simone forced a smile. She was frustrated more than anything. She really had no reason to be mad at Eli for speaking with his mother. But even she could admit the call could’ve gone to voicemail. “Anyway, I should be locking up and heading home here.”

“What?” Eli questioned. “I thought we were just getting started?”

Simone blew out a quiet breath. “Eli, this isn’t going to work.”

“Oh, come on, Moni…” He slightly begged. “I just had to…”

“Eli, you’re married. That’s point blank. You’re married with a son. I want you; I really do. But I can’t be with you knowing that at the end of the day, you’re going home to your wife. You’re going to share a bed with her. You’re going to make love to her. You’re going to shower her with gifts.” She explained. “And what do I get? I get a few hours. I get small windows of time. I get hot sex on my desk or maybe in a hotel room and my place. Would I ever go to yours? Laughable. We won’t be seen together because I’m not your wife.”

“Moni, please don’t…”

“No, I have to, Eli.” Simone briefly closed her eyes and exhaled another breath. “You were right by coming here and telling me we shouldn’t see each other anymore. I think we need to stick with that. You can see yourself out the door.”

“Moni, please…”

“Goodbye, Eliodoro.” She repeated.

Eli reluctantly buckled himself up and began to leave. He stopped momentarily and returned to Simone, kissing her hard. She was making the right decision for them both, despite how they felt about each other. He then stood back and left.

Simone finally opened her eyes once Eli was gone. She didn’t want to give him up. She didn’t want to be his plaything, either. If Eli wanted to be with her he couldn’t be married, and both Simone and Eli knew there was no way he was going to leave Faith, despite how much Simone wanted him to.

Why did it have to hurt so much?


Where I Wanna Be is available in ebook form on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance.

The follow-up, Love & War, will be out later this year.