No Good Deed Goes Unpunished…

It’s funny…you keep to yourself and people complain. You do something nice and people complain. It’s like a no-win situation.

Recently, I offered a free book of S&M IV, Part 2 to those who’d left a five-star review on Part 1. It was something special I was doing for those who loved the book. Those who’d left a four-star review would get a complimentary copy of Game Misconduct, coming out next week. I’ve given out free books before in exchange of reviews so I’m not sure why there is an issue now.

I heard people were upset but no one gave me details because I told them if anyone was truly upset with what I was doing, they could contact me directly (no one did). Apparently I was a hot-button topic of discussion in a few author groups (which I’ll address later). Anyway, I thought the air was clear and the controversy was done until I received a lovely email from Amazon that I was in violation of their terms.

Yes, you read that right…someone reported me.

Now, if people don’t like me (which is interesting because you’re the same people who will talk about me for hours in long threads and follow everything I do; I mean, hell, you’re reading this right now, aren’t you?), that’s one thing. But to go out of your way to report me because you’re salty? That’s pretty mean. And considering I probably don’t know who you are, it’s also very cowardly.

I’m not sure why this act of generosity is so controversial. No one complained when I offered free books before. In fact, many applauded and some said they wished I did it more often. (Breakaway was free when it was first released.) So I’m not sure why this is an issue now.

It saddens me something terrible. I’m incredibly heartbroken over this. I don’t know if a reader did it or a fellow author did. I don’t know and at this point, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t understand the purpose of trying to tear someone down, especially if that person hadn’t done anything to you personally. If I don’t care for someone, I tend to ignore that person and everything they do. Why do I want to cloud my mind with things they’re doing? I wouldn’t.

This reminds me, I think it was last year, when a group IR author Sienna Mynx had and some people kept reporting posts and the group itself. Well, if you’re not a fan of hers or the group, just leave. Why go out of your way to report? I feel the same. Why is what I’m doing bothering you so much if you don’t like me?

I have an innate feeling you haters are going to be the Kanye West to my Taylor Swift.

Unfortunately, I have to put a stop the free book giveaway effective immediately. Those in the groups where I’m a hot-topic, you can thank your fellow readers for doing so. I also have to say that if you’re an author, and you have a group where your readers are putting down another author, you are encouraging that behavior, and you’re no better than the those who spew and act out evilness. You are the company you keep. Please believe that.

For those who did e-mail me, I’m going to honor your e-mails. I also have a surprise in store for all who did. It’s a good surprise and I think you’ll like it.

Finally, in quoting the incomparable Caprina Waters…

If you don’t like me and you’re following everything I do, then bitch, you’re a fan.

And there you have it,


11 thoughts on “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished…

  1. Monique Nelson says:

    Well, I’m disappointed. I would have loved a free copy, but I’ll wait until it’s available. I read S & M IV part 1 from cover to cover once I got it (pre-ordered it too and just so happened to have been up at 12:03 when it hit my Kindle). Anyway, not sure what people try to accomplish when they report others, but in the words of Taylor Swift, Haters gonna’ hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate … so shake it off (paraphrasing)… I enjoy your books and have ready most of them so keep up the good work…

  2. ccrooksrocha1 says:

    WTH!!!! Ppl are still on that haterade! They need to get a life, and stay out of yours. Continue to do you Vera. Your an awesome writer. Tell them THOTS to get on somewhere!!

  3. Tonya (@laa87) says:

    See this shit pisses me off. Its petty how some people are. Its really sad that whoever went to the extent to do this type of stuff. Authors should be supporting another author instead of this catty stuff. Stuff like this is the reason as in to why I don’t join so many author facebook pages.

    I’m sorry you have to go through this. You’re a great author and a fabulous story teller

  4. Musings IRJ says:

    WELP! Been saying this shit for the longest. This is the very reason I am no longer affiliated with any “author” group except a few dedicated ones about their business.

  5. kareemahb00 says:

    Thas a dagone mess u kno i luv u Ms.V but i tend to stay out of the mess but dnt let folks mess wit ur day. So with that said in the the words of my beloved President “Buck’em”

  6. bamakakechick says:

    OKAY!! This is some baby back bullshit!!! You seem to be damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Seriously people, miss me with the bullshit! If you don’t want to leave a review, you can’t expect to get the reward. How hard is it to say that you liked the damn book? Vera, keep doing what you’re doing. Your real fans love you and appreciate all you do.

  7. staceymkindles says:

    Mistress V don’t let the haters get you down because I think are just jealous and need to get a life and stop worrying about yours. Your loyal fans love your work and appreciate your acts of kindness!

  8. stephaniejynelle says:

    Okay. I am pissed. I do not understand the meaness of this. If you don’t like someone or something keep your mouth shut. Wait…you who go after people behind their back are not worth it. Ns. Vera I appreciate your gifts and that you share them. Thanks for the great stories. I personally look forward to more and do not mind paying for it.

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