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Game Misconduct L


Getting together was the easy part; staying together is proving to be a tad difficult.

Sydney and Dean decided they want to work out their long-distance relationship, for better or worse. What sounded great in theory is proving to be more difficult in action. Jealous ex-lovers, paparazzi stalking Sydney’s every move, and separate lives make them both question if there is truth to famous adage – true love endures all.

Can the lovebirds make it work? Or will their relationship be sent to the penalty box?

Game Misconduct is the second part to the Breakaway series; a New Adult trilogy romance deals with long-distance relationships, trust, and finding yourself again.


It wasn’t his money or celebrity that was a deterrent, though she was slowly adjusting to his popularity. She was afraid of falling headfirst in love, only to be stunned when the relationship abruptly ended, there was no was water in the pool. Her heart had a funny way of overpowering her brain when it wasn’t conducive to a relationship.

“Show me your art work.”

Dean’s baritone interrupted her daydreaming and she led him to the dining room table where her MacBook was. She opened the computer and showed him her new blog, ‘The Notorious S.Y.D’. “I like the title,” Dean approved, “very hip-hop of you.”

“I guess I was a little influenced by you,” she admitted.

“I’m flattered,” he smiled again, “so show me what you got.”

“Well, here are the different tabs. This was all Sarah, mind you.” She clicked on the different tabs and slowly scrolled through them so he could get a good look. “Here are the black and whites. Here are the colors. Here the nudes. And here are my superheroes. They’re the Superbad crew.”

“After the movie?” He asked.

“After the James Brown song,” she corrected. “I needed them to be powerful yet a bit funky.”

“Got it.” Dean scrolled back to the nudes. They were of male and female models. The art was more erotica than porn and very artistic. Dean was beyond impressed. “Syd, this is incredible. Why did you ever doubt your talent?”

“Because I’m stupid and compare myself to others,” she woefully admitted.

“Well, you shouldn’t.” He turned her gaze towards him, “I mean that. You can’t get better if you constantly compare yourself with others. You just can’t. You need to be in your own race.”

“Easier said than done,” she shrugged.

“Hey, do you know how many times I get compared to Wayne Gretzky? I will never be able to fill his shoes no matter how hard I try.”

“Who’s Wayne Gretzky?”

“Um,” Dean struggled to find a comparison that his girlfriend would know. She wasn’t into designer things and materialistic nonsense like his past girlfriends, but she also didn’t watch much sports. The idea struck him like a lightning bolt. “He’s like the Basquiat of hockey.”

“Oh really?” Her eyes lit up like a child’s on Christmas morning.

“My point is,” he pressed on, “I can only concentrate on being the best player I can be. I know there are other better players out there and I’m sure someone else is going to come along and break my records one day. I can’t worry about that. I can only worry about each game when it happens. That’s what you need to do. Just worry about Sydney and nothing else.”

“You always seem to know what to say and how to say it,” she softly shook her head in amazement, “you really need to become a motivational speaker.”

“I told you I had years of stupidity behind me,” he chuckled, “but let’s do something fun and take a bit of edge off this seriousness here.”

“Okay,” Sydney shut down her computer, “what do you suggest?”

Dean stood up and peeled off his shirt. “I want you to draw me.”

Game Misconduct will be available in June 2015 for 99 cents. It is the second part in the Breakaway trilogy.

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