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Sydney knew she was not meant for frigid cold weather. There was a reason why she lived in San Francisco and gladly stayed there. Sure, San Francisco got pretty chilly at times; she could recall a time when it dropped down to 23 degrees. But that was still above zero.

In Chicago, she was pretty sure it was some insane degree below zero and she didn’t dare to think how far below it was. Just feeling her teeth clack inside her mouth told her plenty about the weather.

Now there she was, looking like a California snow bunny with as much snow gear anyone could possibly put on, watching Dean built a makeshift snowman in between snow-covered cars. “You’re actually building a family?” She commented.

“Hell, yeah!” Dean smiled as he put the finishing touches on the bigger snowman. It was a family of four and he was thankful he was able to convince the hotel kitchen to give him the spoiled carrots and olives he needed for the eyes and nose. Next time he would ask for tomatoes to complete the mouth. He stepped aside and nodded at his creation. “What do you think?”

Sydney shook her head. She watched with awe and a bit of amusement how serious Dean was about his snow family. They weren’t big but that was beside the point. He took care into building them as if he was creating a masterpiece. It was charming. “You’re insane. That’s incredible.”

“You should try.” He glanced over to her. “Just gotta create a couple of snowballs and stack them on top of each other. “

“I never made snowballs before.” She shrugged.

“What?” Dean had a disgusted face as if he tasted some horrible food. “What do you mean?”

“I just never had the opportunity.” She shrugged again, wondering why what she said was so shocking. “I can’t miss something if I never did it.”

“All right, we’re changing that today.” He walked over to her and picked up a small pile of snow. He nodded to her to do the same and Sydney complied. “Just watch me. You move your hands like so as if you’re molding dough.”

Sydney watched Dean make a snowball and followed his lead. When he placed his snowball on the ground, she placed hers on top of his. “Like so?”

“Yeah, like so!” He smiled. “You’re a natural already!”

“Not bad for a roo –whoa!” Sydney slipped on some snow and lost her footing before Dean caught her.

Dean looked down at Sydney. Her cheeks were flushed with a deep pink color, though he couldn’t tell if it was the weather or her makeup doing that. He did know, however, she looked like a snow goddess to him. “Are you okay?”

Dean felt so wonderful and comforting. His strong arms cradled her body and she quickly got used to how amazing he felt. His eyes glittered in the sunlight and he looked amazingly hot. While she loved, highly admired, and respected the fact he was being a perfect gentleman, Sydney was getting a little tired of the gesture. “I’m good. Thanks.”

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Game Misconduct, part 2 to the Breakaway trilogy, will be released in June 2015.