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Behind the Pen: Where I Wanna Be and Love and War


I contemplated whether this blog post was even a good idea. I have a history, and not necessarily one I’m proud, of writing detailed blog posts that tend to go ignored by a large majority. It’s interesting. With as much traffic this blog gets on a daily basis, there are a few that will just flat-out ignore it. But then, unbeknownst to me, are shocked by some revealed details in a long-awaited book. Go figure.

Anyway, I decided to take the chance and talk about the love quadrangle of Eliodoro, Faith, Simone, and Darren.

Two years ago, while I was pregnant on bed rest, I was a little surprised to see the visceral reaction of Where I Wanna Be. It was immediately slammed and I got called all sorts of wonderful little ditties. (Everyone’s a thug behind a computer.) A few months later, another author wrote a similar book and hers was praised. And of course, so was she. The butthurt was real, yo.

I remember one reader in particular tried to argue with me on this very blog about what my intention was and how she could predict the next story, which is hilarious since at that point, I hadn’t even outlined it. And that’s when I thought…why is this particular book causing this reaction?

What was it about this book that people got their panties all up in a bunch but they cheer for the union of Olivia and Fitz on Scandal every week? Why do people justify affairs in one area but not in another?

I think so many were so upset by the book (or in some extreme cases, with the author) that I do feel a lot of people missed the point. The book was about love and redemption. Forgiveness. Growing up and even growing a pair. The book never promoted adultery nor did it justify.

I don’t know…it just seemed all of it was emotionally-based. I’m still not sure if it was the subject itself or the fact that I wrote it (I think it was the latter and not the former) that caused the hysteria. Still, two years later (and even several months later when I said I wasn’t going to write the continuation…more on that in a bit), it amuses me. The same critics who slammed me are the very ones looking forward to the sequel.

Well, now that I got your attention, let’s begin…

Writing a sequel to a controversial book took a lot of soul-searching. Not so much my meltdown but rather was this something I really want to go through again. While I laughed it off and vigorously defended it the first time around, did I really want to do that again? Motherhood changes things, namely attitude towards situations and even how much time I spend online. I also learned to ignore a whole lot. It’s better to make the haters starve than to feed them.

So anyway, I decided to finish up this story and the other D’Amato Brothers book (Tony’s story, though Tony’s story will be regularly priced at $4.99). I’m finishing up the books for the readers who wanted it. A few years ago, because I was receiving a litany of unfair negative reviews, I offered a free copy of Love and War to anyone who left a positive one. Well, I’m holding to that. If you left a positive review, you’re getting a free copy of the $7.99 Love and War book. There’s about 10 people who took me up on that offer and I still have your email addresses. As many people can attest to, I’m a woman of my word. The offer still stands, by the way.

Love & War picks up four years after everything. The D’Amato Brothers are worldwide famous now due to their reality show. Think Kardashians level of fame, that’s where they are. They’re global and have a chain of Madre’s flower shops. Everyone loves them, they’re richer than before, and here comes Simone sweeping into Eli’s life like a hurricane. And she’s not alone.

Darren is like Tom Brady (deflategate aside) so he’s more popular than before and for whatever reason, Faith still has his number (and he has hers, don’t trip). And of course, there are special guest appearances from Sanora, Scott & Mariana, since someone has to clean up the potential PR disaster.

I haven’t decided if Eli is Elena’s father or not. At first, he was. Then I decided he wasn’t. Now I’m undecided. I do know, however, whatever Eli decides to do in terms of Elena, he’s going to make somebody unhappy (Faith or Simone).

Oh, and one of the D’Amato couples might be divorcing.

Okay, I spilled enough and possibly too much. It’s going to be a wild ride, I will say that. I hope you all enjoy it. Even you too, critics.

And there you have it,



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8 thoughts on “Behind the Pen: Where I Wanna Be and Love and War

  1. Hi firstly let me say Ms. Roberts I don’t care what anyone else says but in my world you rock I love love love the damato brothers series and where I wanna be is by far my favourite story from you to date. When I read that book it stirred so many deep emotions in me and it made me truly question myself with what would I do if presented with the same situations your characters faced in the book and to this date I honestly don’t know what I would do, before reading this book I would have been able to tell you now I really can’t. I am patiently awaiting the release of love and war when you hinted that you might not publish it I could have gotten a heart attack so by completing it you have saved me from a premature death I know I am dramatic but really in all seriousness this book has changed my way of thinking and I am extremely ecstatic that you are giving us readers a chance to live on with your characters till the end of their stories. I look forward to buying this book and many others from you when they are released don’t worry what the negativity projected by others towards you and your books. Know that you still have true fans that will read what you write till your ink runs dry, just continue to write from your heart and don’t let your stories be swayed by what you think the critics will agree with. Anyway I am sure you have had enough of me bye see you in love and war

  2. I loved it and all of the stories attached to it. When I read I want to be drawn in and feel connected. I xonnected with these stories and didnt always like what was going on but knew that this stuff happens. I honestly dont know who I am rooting for in the end. I just want true love to prevail. I think Eli and Simone have unfinished business of the heart. Tjere was really no closure for them. I am sad that one of the couplesmaybe divorcing but that too happens. Thanks Ms. Vera for bringing it real.

  3. Faith and Eli’s story is hands down my fave D’Amato brothers story. Too this day I cannot understand why this story received so much backlash when this is the realest shit you’ve ever written. It was beautifully written, evenly-paced and on point! You are truly a trendsetter when it comes to storytelling. And who you breaking up? Just keep Faith and Eli together lol. They’ve gone through too much not to make it!

  4. WIWTB was one of the most roller coaster of emotions I felt in a long time after reading a book. And I LOVED it. My husband know the whole story because I practically read the book to him. It was so real. I think the ones who criticized May live in a world that’s different than ours. Separations happen, adultery happens, but to forgive is what is most powerful. That’s what I got from the book. I’m rooting for Eli and Faith, but sometimes in life the HEA isn’t possible. Anxiously waiting!!

  5. Mistress V I loved wiwtb I would give it 10 stars if I could. I’m so ready for this book but I’m also scared because I want Eli and Faith to get their hea. I don’t know how anyone would hate on wiwtb when it truly one of the best written books I’ve read. You had me feeling every emotion possible. Keep up the awesome work.

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