Sunday Snippet: Game Misconduct #newadult #romance #contemporary #ebook

Game Misconduct L

Sydney loudly sighed as she put her hair up in a loose bun before she brushed her teeth. She loved Dean Winchester, the man. She loved watching Dean Winchester, the incredible MVP hockey player.

Dealing with Dean Winchester, the celebrity, was going to take a bit more time to get used to.

She heard a knock on her door and wondered who it was gracing her with their presence. She looked through the peephole and shook her head before she opened the door. “I’m fine now.”

“You know Crown Royal is really smooth with a nice Cuban,” Sarah entered Sydney’s apartment. She carried a small bag of pastries and two medium blended coffees, Sydney’s favorite. “I had a ball last night.”

“I bet you did,” Sydney closed the door and joined her best friend at the counter. “Where is my liquor, by the way?”

“Girl, you know that shit is gone,” Sarah chuckled, “I told you I had a ball last night.”

“Apparently.” Sydney reached into the bag and pulled out a blueberry scone. “So what’s up?”

“I wanted to come by and see how my girl was doing. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t catch you on no ledge, or listening to a bunch of Adele or Alanis Morrisette or who was that other one that was all depressed and shit? Oh yeah, Mary J. Blige.” Sarah smiled.

Game Misconduct (I hope) will be out next week. It is part 2 of the Breakaway trilogy and will be on sale for 99 cents.