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Game Misconduct L


Getting together was the easy part; staying together is proving to be a tad difficult.

Sydney and Dean decided they want to work out their long-distance relationship, for better or worse. What sounded great in theory is proving to be more difficult in action. Jealous ex-girlfriends, paparazzi stalking Sydney’s every move, and separate lives make them both question if there is truth to famous adage – true love endures all.

Can the lovebirds make it work? Or will their relationship be penalized for game misconduct?

Game Misconduct is the second part to the Breakaway series; a New Adult trilogy romance deals with long-distance relationships, trust, and finding yourself again.


“Dean gave her a season pass,” Brooke interjected and Naomi made another sharp pass at her, “you’re getting on me for telling her the truth? What?”

“Don’t be getting into other couples’ business!” Naomi admonished. “We don’t know why she’s really here any more than Dean does.”

“Really?” Brooke incredulously asked. “I think it’s pretty obvious why Maple Syrup is still here.”

“Maple Syrup?” Sydney asked.

“She’s Canadian.” Cassidy commented.

“Which is an insult, by the way!” Madison interjected. “You don’t see me calling you Fish N’ Chips.”

“You should try it,” Brooke nodded, “I think you would like it, eh?”

“So why is she here?” Sydney asked.

“Because she wants to check out the competition,” Brooke spoke and Naomi socked the younger woman in her arm again. “Woman, you hit me one more time and I will drag you by your weave!”

Sydney stifled a chuckle. Brooke’s threat sounded so funny with her accent, though she knew the woman was serious. “Competition? What competition?”

“You!” Brooke commented while the other WAGs shook their heads. “In case no one else wants to tell you, I will. You’re the reason why Dean broke up with her. Maple Syrup doesn’t like you because you stole her man.”

Game Misconduct will be available soon for 99 cents at Amazon, All Romance, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Smashwords.

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