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Getting together was the easy part; staying together is proving to be a tad difficult.

Sydney and Dean decided they want to work out their long-distance relationship, for better or worse. What sounded great in theory is proving to be more difficult in action. Jealous ex-girlfriends, paparazzi stalking Sydney’s every move, and separate lives make them both question if there is truth to famous adage – true love endures all.

Can the lovebirds make it work? Or will their relationship be penalized for game misconduct?

Breakaway is a New Adult trilogy romance that deals with long-distance relationships, trust, and finding yourself again. It’s the second-part in a trilogy.

Unedited Snippet:

“What did I just walk into?”

Sydney softly shrugged and offered a sheepish smile as she let Sarah inside her apartment. “My insanity?”

Piles upon piles of sketches surrounded the living room floor. Some were completed, and some were unfinished. Some were in full color, while others were in black and white. Some of the sketches were images of women, wearing large Afros and superhero garb, while others showed women in various stages of undress.

Sarah walked further into the room and picked up one of the sketches. She shook her head in astonishment. Vivid colors such as yellow, red, and green popped off the stark white sheet. Four women of different ethnicities stood proud, tall, clenched fists, and powerful eyes, with flowing capes behind them. “Who are they?”

“They are the Superbad crew,” Sydney pointed out. “I need names for them, but I haven’t figured out what, though. Something sexy.”

“Hmm…” Sarah carefully thought and pointed to each woman as she rounded out the names. “Heathen, Angelic, Twisted, and Legendary.”

“Ooh,” Sydney nodded, “I like that. I might keep that.”

“Hey, what can I say? My genius works every now and again.” Sarah plopped down on the sofa. “So how was Christmas?”

Magical, Sydney wanted to answer. The most wonderful and amazing Christmas she’s ever had. It was far too short. “It was nice,” she grinned.

Sarah narrowed her eyes before they widened again. Her mouth morphed into a slow, cunning smile. “Just nice? You spent a couple of days in L.A. and all you can say was that it was nice?”

“What else do you want me to say?” Sydney already regretted the question.

“Oh, I don’t know. How was the beach? How was the weather?” Sarah casually glanced at her overdue manicure. “How was the dick report?”

Sydney blushed. “Excuse me?”

“Oh, Syd,” Sarah gesticulated, “a woman doesn’t go to L.A. for a couple of days and it’s not business-related. There’s a man involved.” Sarah eyeballed her girlfriend again and her eyebrows wriggled. “A rich man involved.”

Sydney pursed her lips together and debated if she should share the news about Dean. Jane was already doing her investigating reporting and was going to tell Sydney what she’d learned sometime that week. Sarah has never given her a reason to not trust her. “If I tell you, you promise you can’t say a word!”

“Girl Scouts, honor.” Sarah crossed her heart and held up her hand.

“You were in the Girl Scouts?”

“No,” Sarah replied, “so tell me…who’s Mr. Man?”

“His name is Dean and he’s a hockey player. He plays for the Kings.”

“Does he have all of his teeth?”

Sydney came to the quick conclusion that question was naturally going to be the first one everyone will ask her so she’d better get used to it. “All perfect.”

“Nice,” Sarah gave her approval. She quickly got on her phone and researched Sydney’s boyfriend. The first image before her was a smiling Dean with twinkling eyes and soft dimples. “Oh, he’s cute.”

“Very,” Sydney glanced over.

Sarah pulled up different images of Dean, including his famous nude layout for ESPN’s Body issue. He was completely naked with strategically placed hockey gloves. Other shots included him posing that show enough skin, his washboard abs, and model stares. “Oh my…”

“Yeah, it’s much, much better in person.” Sydney sighed. “Much better.”

“Dick report,” Sarah softly stated.

“Porn star,” Sydney sighed as she remembered her boyfriend’s prowess. The way he mounted her night after night, making her spread as wide as she could and sweetly taunting her to take all of him. He was surprisingly gentle, playing her body like a fine-tuned violin, as he plucked them every night; causing a small chorus of moans in different notes from her. “Every bit of fantasy. I just…ooh…”

“Ah, he got good good.” Sarah nodded and sighed along with her best friend. “Whenever a woman pauses and goes, ‘ooh’, it means her man got that good good.”

“Whatever it is, he needs to bottle it up and sell that shit.” Sydney reminisced about a tryst when Dean seemingly wanted to see how many orgasms he could give her in different ways. She was convinced some of what they did that night was illegal in a few places. “So that’s pretty much that.”

“Met the parents?”

Dean spoke so highly of his mother and brother, he was actually looking forward to introducing them to Sydney. “Not yet.”

“Met yours?”

Dean spoke about coming up for New Year’s for a few days. Sydney wasn’t sure if meeting her parents was in the cards. While they both decided being together was what they wanted, she definitely wasn’t sure if meeting the parents – an event usually reserved for serious relationships – was required. Though Dean hadn’t asked if he was going to meet her family, Sydney didn’t know how to approach the subject and telling him she wasn’t ready. “I don’t know if we’re that serious.”

“You flew to L.A. and you’re not sure if you’re that serious?” Sarah laughed. “Oh okay.”

“It’s complicated,” Sydney offered.

“No, not really,” Sarah shook her head. “Either you’re together or you’re not. Relationships aren’t complicated; it’s the people that make it so.”

“I don’t know if I want to go through the trouble of introducing Dean to my family and we break up months later.” Sydney reasoned. It wasn’t a far-fetched thought. Many of her relationships ended shortly after she introduced her paramours to the family.

“Are you getting married tomorrow?”

“What?” Sydney laughed. “No!”

“Then don’t worry about it.” Sarah shook her head. “I do not understand why women have to complicate such things. Men are so easy – predictably easy – and we’re always complicating shit. When a man sees a white wall, he sees a white wall. When a woman sees a white wall, she’s sees continental white or premium white or eggshell or some other stupid shit you read in Martha Stewart Living.”

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