Papi Pacify


Mariana followed her Master’s request. She stayed still as He strapped her ankles and wrists to the legs of the table. She was a little apprehensive but excited. She questioned if she could handle it all and if there were limits to her pleasure. She had a taste of it, during the infamous Hitachi episode but she also wondered if there was more undiscovered things about her.

She felt a blindfold slid over her eyes and braced herself. She took several calming breaths. She needed to relax her mind before it was going to be an uncomfortable scene for both of them.

She felt the soft brushing of a flogger against her inner thighs. She bit back a moan and let out another exhale. She couldn’t wait to feel the small leather straps against her skin and…


The sudden strike surprised her, though she’d expected it. She gasped upon feeling the pain.


The second strike made her feel all sorts of tingly inside and she softly moaned.


The third strike aroused her spirit and her body came alive. Her clit fluttered with anticipation and she wanted more. “Ooh,” she moaned.

“Ah, My pet likes the flogger,” Scott nodded, “but I need to hear more of a reaction.” He brushed the flogger against her wet slit. “I need to hear you scream.”





A rain of swats coated Mariana’s body as Sir flogged her. Each swat brought an electric current with it, creating little zaps of pleasure. She was on pleasure overload. Her head was spinning, her body was on fire, and she felt she reached her orgasmic peak. A few more swats from Sir and Mariana loudly moaned in response and breathed hard. Her sex was dripping wet as she gripped the table.

“Good girl. That’s one.” Scott brought a vibrator to the table and turned it on. He placed it against Mariana’s slit and held it there with a wooden plank. He walked over to her mouth and inserted His hardened cock. “You can come as many times as you want; I don’t care. The only rule is that My cock has to be in your mouth when you come.”

Mariana moaned and writhed as she felt the intense buzz of the vibrator in combination with pleasing her Master. He fucked her face, not holding back, and going as deep as her throat would take Him. Meanwhile, her body began jerking in response of the vibrator. She cried and whimpered, feeling helpless as she was strapped to the table and He completely dominated her.

The second orgasm shot through her body and her legs shook in response. “Good girl,” Master nodded, “that’s two. Let’s see how many more you’re capable of.” He pushed His cock into her more and held her shoulders down. “Take it.”


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