Le Tired.


I’m exhausted.

Granted, I’ve been on an unprecedented schedule lately – promoting one book, finishing up another, starting yet another, and doing a flurry of blog tours.




Normally, I don’t like getting personal because let’s be real, no one cares as long as I’m putting out books. I’m making an exception this time around to explain why IV, Part I will be the last S&M book in a long while.

In short, I’m just really, really exhausted. It’s very tiring to write a good BDSM book and even more exhausting to write the mammoth known as S&M. Writing Part I in its many reincarnations, storylines, delays, and quitting spasms has taken a small toll on me where it’s starting to affect my health. I won’t get into details on what’s going on but I’m not in the best shape.

So with that, I need to take another extended break from Scott Reed and Company. I’m very grateful that my betas, Shikara and Victoria, have been super-duper supportive and very patient with me. They’ve been dealing with a stressed-out Vera and I’m sure it hasn’t been easy on them, neither.

I’m hoping the word will spread via various Facebook groups (you know who you are…) and the like. There are two more S&M books scheduled in the series, not including the YA series, The Soul Infinity Crew. I just honestly, at this point, cannot tell you when those books will be out.

Part I, however, should hold you off for a while.

Stay beautiful and blessed,


4 thoughts on “Le Tired.

  1. Chrisstine Crooks-Rocha says:

    Vera first you have to take care of you and your health!!! That is a must and a priority, being a nurse I have seen the results of stress on a person, believe me I know it ain’t pretty. You have your baby and husband that needs you healthy. We will be here ready to buy and read your books when you are ready. I thoroughly enjoy reading your books. But if your not at your best, you will not write at your best, and then that’s something else you will be stressed about. I applaud you for not just putting anything out there for the sake of a time line. We can wait. Get healthy happy and fabulous, cus we will be here waiting patiently.

  2. stephaniejynelle says:

    Vera you have to take care of you. Your work is super intense and powerful. I am willing to wait because your stories are the best. I know that you put your everything into it. Caprina is hard to read I can imagine how hard she is to write along with Scott. Do what you need to do and I along with your real fans will be here waiting.

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