Fuck You


“You’ve been called washed-up, a has-been…some even say you were a never-was.”

“By you,” Caprina pointed out. “You’ve been my biggest critic.”

“I only point out what others are merely saying, Caprina.” Sheree smiled. “You can’t think I’m the only one who has that opinion of you.”

“And you want to know something, Sheree? I can also say you’re full of fibroids with a dry vagina but you don’t see me personally coming after you?”

Caprina’s sharp tongue took Sheree by surprise and she gasped. She quickly swallowed and continued.“Your reputation has been crucified.” Sheree pointed out.

“By who?” Caprina crossed her legs. “I’m curious, by who? I’m still getting plenty of work.”

“Some of your fans admonished your actions. Some say they won’t longer support any projects you’re connected to…”

Caprina sipped a cup of tea. “They were never true fans to begin with.”

“But doesn’t this concern you?” Sheree leaned forward. “That you’re being dragged like this by those who supposedly supported you?”

“Everybody is not a fighter. Everybody is not a shooter. But everybody is tough behind that computer.” Caprina rhymed.





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