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Fire We Make - Vera Roberts

“You see, you’re in what I like to call a conundrum. There are two women you love and both hold a special place in your heart. Only one you can protect, however, and that’s a position you don’t like to be in. Therefore, you are forced to decide who is going to get the proverbial last life jacket on the sinking ship – your best friend or your wife.”

Enzo’s fists clenched up and he took a step forward to Jackson, who remained unbothered. “You hurt Liane and I’ll destroy you.”

Jackson took a sip of his whiskey. “Speaking of destroying people, I like you used those words because I was thinking more or less along the same lines. You interrupt my relationship with Liane, and I will destroy Angela.” A slow smirk spread across Jackson’s lips. “Hmm…conundrum.”


Jackson & Liane, Pt. 2 coming this summer. 

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