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“That is so cool!” Sydney rushed over to the ice skating rink in the middle of the entertainment complex known as LA Live. It was a city block of buildings that housed the Convention Center, Staples Center, Nokia Theatre, Grammy Museum, and a flurry of small shops and restaurants. She looked down at the rink and smiled as she saw it was real ice. The ice was so white, it was almost clear. She could faintly make out her reflection within it.

Dean slowly strolled behind his girlfriend and watched in delight as she looked down at the ice-skating rink. It was amazing how things he often took for granted was truly brand-new to her. He loved experiencing moments like that with her already. “Have you ever tried?”

“What? Ice skating?” Sydney shook her head. “My coordination is off. I never even roller-skated.”

He wrapped his arms around her as he pressed his body against hers. “Oh, I think your coordination is just perfect,” he whispered in her ear.

Despite just having an impromptu sex session that was hotter than the Equator in Dean’s SUV, Sydney suddenly felt she could go for another round. “You are awful.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Dean nibbled on her earlobe, “I think I’m just right for you like you’re just right for me.”

Just when Sydney was about to suggest they head back to home so she could channel her inner porn star yet again, Dean surprised her. “Come on, let’s go.” He stepped from her and started towards the gate to the rink.

Sydney looked at the rink and then back at her boyfriend. “What?”

“You never went ice skating before? There’s a first time for everything.” He suggested. “You said you wanted to take more chances with your life, right? Here’s one now.”

Sydney felt like she was eating crow. She did want to take more chances with her life; that is true. Hitting her ass on hard ice wasn’t one of them.

Breakaway #2 will be out the week of May 25, 2015. 

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