SexySunday: Breakaway #nook #NA #contemporary #kindle #ebook



It would be the word Sydney would describe later to her girlfriends about the first thrust, the first kiss, and the first time she knew she was in love with him. There was intensity about Dean that she never knew she needed until he came along. He was the best friend who laughed at her. He was the protector who shielded her. He was lover, who made her discover things about her body that surprised her.

She moved at a steady pace, slowly increasing her tempo. Harsh, short breaths were forced out her mouth. Her heart felt like it was about to burst and calming warmth washed over her body. It was no longer him or her, but them. They were one with each other and in the universe. She knew the difference between love and sex, but this was a combination she’d never experienced.

Was she in love?

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