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“Soooo…” Dean wasn’t sure about how to approach her. He never had a conversation about sexual style before said act. Then again, he never cared about someone this much so both feelings were new and quite foreign to him. “…Do you like slow? Do you want hard and fast? I just don’t want to hurt you.”

Sydney nudged Dean on his back and straddled him. “You talk too much.” She leaned down and kissed him again, before sliding her body down his, planting small kisses along his. She discovered a sweet spot of Dean – along his hip dents – and found he was ticklish.

“I forgot I was ticklish there,” he murmured.

“I’m sure you’re going to remember a lot of things tonight,” Sydney replied.

She stopped at his shaft and took a long lick of it with her tongue, outlining every inch of it. She inhaled his scent, swallowed his taste, and wanted more. She was amazed how hardened he became as if his mind was on overdrive and full arousal.

She licked the underside before she took him fully in her inviting mouth. She sucked him long and slow, relishing in his taste and scent. One hand cupped him while the other began a twisting motion as she sucked harder.

Then it happened. His body stilled and a soft high-pitched sound came out of his mouth. Sydney merely smiled as she continued. She promised Dean he would sing like a canary.

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