Can U Believe


“I’m a commoner.” She tried to stave off the attraction. “I’m just a plain Jane.”

“You were on the cover of Vogue,” his green eyes twinkled, “I don’t think that’s something a plain Jane would do.”

Akira was exhausted. It felt like Dimitri was prepared for her line of questioning and battled back with answers of his own. “Do you do this with every woman you court?”

“No, not all.” He finally kissed her, sweeping his lips across hers. Akira opened her mouth to accommodate his tongue and she melted into his arms. Her body was set aflame and heat rushed to her inner thighs. The pounding of her heart almost made her deaf and her head was spinning with many emotions, pulling her in all directions.

A prince actually wanted her? Her? She only completed high school and she was sure the prince already had college under his belt. It had been rumored he was supposed to be in an arranged marriage with another royalty figure to combine kingdoms. He had access to a world Akira had only dreamed about and now he wanted her to live in it with him. There were women, she was sure somewhere in the thousands, who were probably jealous of her because of what she was doing.

It was simply too good to be true. She pulled away and Dimitri was stunned. “I apologize for moving so quickly. I couldn’t help myself.”

“I refuse to be one of your whores,” Akira spat. “I don’t know you but I know your reputation. I refuse to be one of your playthings.”

Dimitri chuckled and his laughter only irritated Akira further. Did he take her as a joke? She didn’t find the funny in what he did. “I don’t see you as a plaything. If I wanted one, I certainly could get one.”

“Oh, you are not helping the situation…” She began to walk off before he grabbed her. His strong hand brought a small heat to her cold, bare arm. She would’ve been annoyed with him if it wasn’t for the fact she liked his touch.

“I brought you here because I wanted you here. I don’t want anyone else.” He pleaded his case. “I knew from the moment I saw you, you were going to be mine.”

“You’re very confident,” she smirked.

“And you’re very beautiful,” he replied. He caressed her face with a hand. “Come, let’s go inside and enjoy my birthday. We have plenty of time to get to know each other later.”

Akira followed him back inside the palace. “I’m not spending the night with you.”

“I know this.” He glanced at her with a smile. “I wouldn’t want you to.”

“Reverse psychology.” She noted. “I’m well aware of the game you’re playing, prince.”

Dimitri stopped walking and turned to Akira. He kissed her again, softly holding onto her lips. “It’s Dimitri, my queen. Enough of this prince bullshit.”


IV will be released in May. Final price to be determined but it’ll be between $6.99 – 7.99. It’ll be the final S&M book for a while. 

ETA: The final price of Part 1 will be $9.99

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