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Author’s Note: I haven’t figured out what this cover is going to look like or even who’s on it. It shall be interesting. This is a spin-off of the S&M series. The goal for the Soul Infinity Crew is to be for the young adult crowd while the S&M series is for the adults. This book was originally going to come out in March 2015, but it’s being pushed back to a summer 2015 release date. 

It’s so much fun writing Scott Reed as a dad. 

Since S&M IV is going to be the last book in the S&M series for a while (it’s not the final book so no worries), I’m pursuing a lighter series.


Olivia Reed doesn’t want to be a superhero, yet she is one.

A freak accident at the high school bonfire turned her, her boyfriend, and two of their friends into teenage superheroes. But what they’re dealing with is nothing like the movies or TV; in fact, it’s caused nothing but problems and headaches.

Now Olivia is in a predicament – does she use her power for good or does she keep it a safely guarded secret forever?

The Soul Infinity Crew is a series of YA books that deals with mystic powers, teen angst, and true love.


Every morning, he tuckered his tail back in and went about his business.

Life was hard for Ryan Singleton. And he truly hated that he lived up to his last name, granted it was by choice. On second thought, he should probably change his name to Foreveralone.

The product of two doctors, it was always suggested that Ryan went into the family business of medicine. Ryan figured out early on in life that if seeing fake blood on screen made him squeamish, seeing real blood on a regular basis wasn’t going to happen. He figured once he went to college, he’ll make a decision on what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Until that day came, he was going to focus on the woman that constantly eluded him.


He’d been friends with Olivia since kindergarten but only recognized his crush on her until their junior year. Then he had to watch as she went through boyfriend after boyfriend, bringing him along with her as she shopped for dates, and cried on his shoulder as she suffered heartbreak after heartbreak. Just when he mustered the courage to finally ask out his best friend, she found another guy and Ryan, well, just had to deal.

Not that anyone felt too sorry for him; Ryan did receive more than his fair share of dates. With his muscular build, dirty blonde hair, and stunningly beautiful blue eyes, Ryan spent more time fending off the various girls that threw themselves at him on a regular basis than hunting for a girlfriend. His stature suggested he should’ve been active in sports and he was to a degree. But he was more interested in academics and prided himself on being a nerd. He just broke up with one of the most popular girls in school and was currently dateless for Homecoming.

That is, until Olivia accepted his date proposal. Whenever he got around to asking her.

For now, he would play his part and stay in the background, waiting for the right time to ask her. It had to be perfect. It had to be special. And most importantly, Ryan had to get over his fear of Olivia’s dad, who was currently boring holes through him with his eyes.


Scott stared down at the young man who was just merely a few feet away from him. For several years, he’d watched him come over to the house and be the nice best friend to his daughter. Though their relationship was strictly platonic, Scott knew better. In his mind, men only had platonic female friends because they haven’t slept with them yet.

With Olivia being his only girl, Scott kept an eyeful watch on her. It was no surprise to anyone why her boyfriends never lasted a long time. “I see Ryan’s waiting for you.”

Olivia glanced over and waved at her best friend. “Great! Well, this is me, Daddy. I’ll meet you at the firm around one?”

“Sounds good. I’ll take you out for lunch.” Scott kissed his daughter’s cheek before he focused his attention back on Ryan. He briefly wondered if he would have to use the same scare tactics Mariana’s father used on him. “Good Morning, Ryan.” Scott said after he rolled down the window.

“Good Morning, Mr. Reed!” Ryan waved and smiled at him. “How are you doing today, Sir?”

“Great.” Scott nodded. “Have a good one.” He then sped off.

Ryan kept waving even as Olivia gave him a hug. “Oh, your dad hates me.”

Olivia was too busy relishing in the smell and comfort of her best friend. He smelled like wood, musk, and a touch of vanilla. His embrace was warm and comforting like a hot fire on a cold night. She immediately felt her thighs tingle and her insides shiver with pleasure. “My dad doesn’t hate you.” She briefly glanced up and locked eyes with Ryan. “He’s just overprotective.”

“You say overprotective,” Ryan shrugged, “I say they’re going to find me in the river with a butcher knife in my back.”

“Don’t be silly,” Olivia stepped away and began walking with him, “my dad would merely shoot you with one of the guns he owns.” She caught Ryan’s flat stare. “I’m kidding! Kinda…”


The SIC series is geared to young adults and teenagers. More details will be out soon.