Oh heyyyyy….it’s release day! #newadult #romance #contemporary #nook #kindle


The original plan was to release this book (now a series) on the same day IV was going to be released. And then I thought, why wait?

Breakaway is a sensual romance that’s a little different. For one, the hero and heroine are significantly younger (early to mid-twenties) and there’s not much erotica or profanity in this series (though, there are a few curse words and there are some steamy love scenes). This book/series is the start of me officially going into a new direction.

I usually try to do something drastically different from S&M since that series is pretty heavy. I started writing Breakaway back in late November 2014 and it really brought back my love of writing when I really felt under appreciated (no, seriously..I really did quit for a period of time). Sometimes all it takes is a good story to remind you why you started to begin with.

This book is dedicated to the fanfiction peeps, who first read the story and encouraged me to pursue it. This is also dedicated to a few readers who sent me really wonderful emails and messages when I was down and out. (Shanny comes to mind because you really helped me out a lot.)

Um, that’s about it. The story is FREE on Smashwords and All Romance and I’m trying to make it free on Amazon. Since I never had any luck making it free on Amazon, it’s currently on sale there for 99 cents.

I hope you enjoy.