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Dean Winchester is at the place he really doesn’t want to be – stuck at the airport.

Coming back from a family emergency, he would rather be relaxed at his home in Manhattan Beach, California, and getting his head back into the hockey game. Instead, he’s stuck at the worst airport in all of America – Chicago’s infamous O’Hare. At least the company he’s keeping isn’t too bad to look at. He only needs to convince her there can be something more if she wants it – and if she doesn’t kill him first.

Sydney Walker hates weddings. And she really hates weddings that she’s the bridesmaid in.

Returning from her third wedding in a year where she has perfected the role of bridesmaid, Sydney only wants to get back home in San Francisco. A snowed-in flight and every hotel room booked to capacity, Sydney is forced to share a room with a gorgeous man from Southern California. She’s not necessarily worried about him making a move on her but rather, if she could keep her hands to herself.

Breakaway is a sensual New Adult romance series that deals with trust, long-distance relationships, and finding yourself again. It is a New Adult trilogy.


“So let me get this straight…you meet a man who’s a professional hockey player, he invites you to share his suite with him, and he doesn’t make a single move on you at all?” Sydney’s friend, Jane, replied over the phone. “Yeah, that’s believable.”

“I know it sounds crazy but it’s true,” Sydney said between bites of cheeseburger, “he hasn’t made a move on me at all.”

“You have your Mace right? Make sure you drink your own water and your own alcohol!”

Sydney shook her head. She knew her best friend was just trying to look out for her and she couldn’t even be mad at her. She would probably give the same advice to one of her friends if they were doing the same thing. “Believe me, I have taken the proper precautions. No one is going to take advantage of anyone here.”

“Good.” Jane sat back on the couch and stretched her legs. “So tell me about your boo thang? Is he cute?”

Cute? Cute? Puppies were cute. Babies were cute. Dean was…incredible. He had a light beard covering his jawline. He wore his brown hair into a loose, messy bun. And his physique, Sydney determined, was the reason why artists created statues. “He’s not bad looking.” Sydney replied.

“Does he have all of his teeth?”

Dean had one of the most beautiful and charming smiles Sydney had ever seen. “I believe so.”

“His eyes are okay? You know those hockey players have funky eyes from being on the ice so long.”

Dean’s eyes sparkled whenever he talked, like he was truly passionate about life. “I think so.”

“What did you say his name was?” Jane asked again.

“Dean Winchester,” Sydney shrugged. “I guess it’s spelled the way it’s pronounced.”

“I’ll have Mike do some research on him and I’ll call you back as soon as I know something.” Jane wondered aloud. “I wonder if he’s been on TMZ lately.”

Sydney shook her head. Jane was the gossip columnist amongst her friends. If it wasn’t for the fact she went into medical research, Jane had a lifelong calling in reporting the latest celebrity news. It seemed she knew everything about everyone, even people Sydney didn’t know who they were. “Please spare me the details.” Sydney looked up and saw a grinning Dean stare back at her. He was wearing a white tank top and blue jeans that perfectly held onto his sculpted figure. Sydney almost choked on a French fry. “Jane, listen. I need to go. I’ll talk to you later.” She quickly hung up.

I should note, it really wasn’t my intention to do yet another series/trilogy but seeing how many NA romances are following that trend, I decided why not. I should mention, however, each part of this story will be short and saccharine sweet.

Breakaway will be available for FREE on All Romance, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. Once I figure out how to make it free on Amazon, it’ll be FREE on there. (Note: I don’t know if the whole series will be free or just the first story.)

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