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“I’m pissed because you left me high and dry, not once but fucking twice! Come to think of it, you did that our entire fucking relationship! When I finally get back on my feet, you sweep in like you’re a fucking white knight and then you disappear like you’re fucking Casper the Asshole Ghost! And you do this repeatedly; you keep stringing me along without stating exactly what it is that you want. And then you helped me to get a job that I don’t even want and once again, there goes Scott the Almighty doing something for Mariana the Weakling! I hate you and you can kiss my Black ass! Fuck you and your fucking White privilege!”

“Me and my fucking White privilege helped your Black ass a lot, didn’t it?” He sharply replied back.


IV will be released on May 15, 2015.

3 thoughts on “IFHY #ebook #nook #kindle #fiction

  1. ccrooksrocha1 says:

    Get his ass Mari, make him feel the pain!! Walk away and string his ass along!! I cannot wait til May 15th. Imma have to take the 16th off cus imma be up all night reading! Alright Mrs.V, bring it!!

  2. Victoria M Gaskins says:

    Scott’s not getting it so it’s time for Mari to lay it all on the table and then walk. She should get her chance to walk away and leave him thinking for once, Scott should see how he is truly hurting her.

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