#ThirstyThursday: Breakaway snippet #romance #contemporary #nook #ebook #kindle #fiction

This is an unedited snippet for the FREE story I’m releasing next month to coincide the release of S&M IV, Part 1. I’m still trying to figure out how to release a free story on Amazon so it might be a while before the short story shows up there. (If anyone can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.)

I’m not sure how long Breakaway will be. Actually, no, let me correct that. I’m not sure how long the e-book version will be. It won’t be a full-length novel, but rather, a short story that’s probably less than 60 pages. Hence why it’s free.

It’s a contemporary New Adult romance.

Um, that’s about it. Cover reveal coming soon once I figure out what these characters look like.

Three weddings in one year. I think that’s enough to last me a few lifetimes.

Sydney Walker finished packing her suitcase and double-checked she had everything. The four-inch stilettos that cramped her pinky toes? Check. The too-tight bridesmaid dress that required her to wear one of those ‘sucker inner’ panties? Check. The fake eyelashes along with the caked-on makeup that accompanied the equally hideous hairpiece she needed to wear that required she had a little extra ‘oomph’? Oh, hell, no. She made sure those were in the trash bin. If she weren’t in her hotel room, she would’ve burned that shit.

The things a girl would do for her fellow sorority sisters.

She only graduated from college just a couple of years ago and it seemed she was the very last one of the bunch who was still single. It got to the point that her fellow sorors felt so sorry for her, at the last wedding, the bride simply handed the bouquet to Sydney.


She wasn’t single because of choice, but rather circumstance. She’s had many relationships, some of them long-term. But when it was clear marriage and children were not in the picture, she simply bounced. There was no point of wasting her time if both parties didn’t share the end goal.

In her mind, she was probably too young to get married. She just barely turned 21 a month ago and she wanted just a bit more experience before she became someone’s wife and mother. She wasn’t sure what experience she was looking for but something more than what life currently gave her, which was little to nothing.

Nevertheless, the many weddings turn Sydney into a miniature expert in crisis management. Whenever a maid of honor failed to do the very basic of duties, Sydney stepped up to the plate. If something was missing, Sydney seemed to find it. If the bride was getting cold feet, it was Sydney that convinced her the man waiting for her at the altar was the very best she was going to get.

She was a godsend in the land of Vera Wang bridal gowns, monogrammed napkins, and Jordan almonds.