A Tale of Two Men


From reader e-mail…

What’s one of the most shocking storylines in S&M IV?

“It’s heavily suggested that Scott cheated on Mariana.” 

Oh wow. Really? I thought H/he was pretty faithful to her.

“It’s a nice thought.” 

Did H/he cheat on her?

“He’s asked the question but he never gives a clear-cut answer. It makes you wonder if he actually did. It’s along the same lines in Part III (which I’m very surprised no one caught on to this) where he’s asked point-blank if he was still in love with Caprina and he never answers the question.”

Why this storyline? Are you afraid you’ll get the same backlash you did for Where I Wanna Be?

“I compare it to Scandal, the show. A lot of viewers don’t have a problem with Olivia Pope being a former thot to the married president and they actually go into thesis-paper details why that affair is okay. People tend to forgive affairs depending on who the adulterer is, than the actual affair itself. Think about it. Bill Clinton is still highly regarded while John Edwards probably can’t even run for the local PTA. I always like to test people’s preconceived notions of what they think is right, fair, and acceptable. Truth is, we’re all pretty forgiving and very few are of the unforgiving lines. Very few. Those people tend to be alone, both physically and emotionally. It’s great to forgive and move on unless you like holding a grudge against someone who’s clearly over it.

“As a writer, I constantly like to improve and shred the envelope open. My only thought is, ‘Now if you had an issue with Eli D’Amato doing that, will you have the same issue of Scott Reed doing it?

What do you think the answer will be?

“In a nutshell? They won’t. Scott Reed will be forgiven quicker because he’s Scott Reed. Not only will he be forgiven quicker, his actions will be justified.  Funny how that works.”


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