Sneak Peek: Breakaway

As I mentioned on the Facebook page, this is a (new-ish) story I’m releasing for FREE on the same day as S&M IV. Quite a few have already read it, so I figured I’ll expand it to everyone else.

Cover to be revealed whenever, I don’t know. I haven’t decided what this couple looks like. Don’t be surprised if the cover is just a hockey stick and a puck.


Dean Winchester is at the place he really doesn’t want to be – stuck at the airport.

Coming back from a family emergency, he would rather be relaxed at his home in Redondo Beach, California, and getting his head back into the hockey game. Instead, he’s stuck at the worst airport in all of America – Chicago’s infamous O’Hare. At least the company he’s keeping isn’t too bad to look at. He only needs to convince her there can be something more if she wants it – and if she doesn’t kill him first.

Sydney Walker hates weddings. And she really hates weddings that she’s the bridesmaid in.

Returning from her third wedding in a year where she has perfected the role of bridesmaid, Sydney only wants to get back home in San Francisco. A snowed-in flight and every hotel room booked to capacity, Sydney is forced to share a room with a gorgeous man from Southern California. She’s not necessarily worried about him making a move on her but rather, if she could keep her hands to herself.

Breakaway is a sensual romance that deals with trust and long-distance relationships.


(Unedited) Excerpt:

“Your nickname is what…?”

Dean shook his head and rolled his eyes over dinner with Sydney. After an extraordinary day of building more snowmen and participating in a snowball fight with a group of kids, the pair retreated back to their suite and watched movies for the rest of the afternoon. Needing a break from their suite, Dean took Sydney out to dinner at the hotel restaurant and scored a private booth.

They spent the better part of the evening really getting to know each other. He found out she’s open to most types of music and was a not-so closeted fan of Taylor Swift. She discovered he liked to paint, though he admitted he wasn’t “that good at it.”

When she asked him about hockey, Dean went into great detail to describe hockey terminology to her, though he could tell some things went over her head. It was pretty clear, however, his nickname was clearly understood. “The Lunatic,” he repeated, “that’s what they call me.”

“Now are you a fun crazy like a Will Ferrell movie? Or are you a sitting-in-the-corner-watching-me-sleep-while-you-eat-a-banana type of crazy?” She smiled.

“You’re nuts.” Dean chuckled.

“I’m just saying…”

“I wouldn’t eat a banana.”

Sydney briefly paused and caught the twinkle in Dean’s eyes. “I saw what you did there.”

“You like that?” He asked.

“I like that,” she nodded.

“Hockey is fun but it’s brutal. Either you kill or you get killed. I’m friends with a lot of the guys off the ice but on it, it’s anyone’s game. I’m going to let my boy score just because we had a barbeque the other day. Hell, no!” Dean scoffed. “I will buy him a beer after the fact, though.”

“Awww…” Sydney grinned. “That’s so sweet.”

“Shut it.” Dean laughed and Sydney joined him. “So Ms. Sydney…”

“Yes, Mr. Dean?”

“You’re beautiful, funny, and incredibly sexy.” He leaned back into his chair. “I have to ask you why you’re single?”

Sydney took a sip of wine and let the fruity liquid roll around her tongue before she swallowed. It was a good question that she didn’t quite have the answer to. She didn’t quite believe in the old adage of choice or circumstance but her bad luck (or was it simply bad taste?) in men made her wonder if she was the real lunatic. “I’m a good girl who wants the bad boy and somewhere in there, I realize the bad boy is an asshole so I get left alone.”

“Why do good girls want bad boys?” He asked. “I never understood that. There are plenty of good guys out there.”

“And those good guys live in their mama’s basement playing Dungeons and Dragons while drinking their third Mountain Dew.” She chuckled. “Bad boys are exciting and a little dangerous, living on the edge. Good girls keep their noses clean for the most part so we like that danger, that ummph.”

“That ummph?”

“That ummph.”

Dean leaned forward and Sydney noticed the sparkle in his eyes. “Do you think you would be able to handle my ummph?”

Sydney’s heart slammed against her chest and for a brief second, she had to remember to breathe. She swallowed hard and let out a sigh. “Say what?”

“You said you like that danger, you want that ummph…I’m giving you an opportunity. Can you handle mine?”

Sydney found the courage and met Dean’s challenge. “If you’re suggesting a one-night stand, that ship done sailed a long time ago, partner.” She purred.

Dean reached over and touched fingers with Sydney. She immediately felt a heat surge through her body and it pooled between her thighs. Once again, she had to focus on breathing. “Who said anything about a one-night stand?”

“You’re seriously suggesting a long-distance relationship?” She asked. “Yeah, I can see why you’re called The Lunatic.”

“I’m suggesting I want to see where this goes, starting with tonight.” He pressed. “It could be nothing or it could everything.”

Sydney bit back a moan. She did not like the feelings Dean created within her. He looked like a dude that had a big-ass neon TROUBLE sign over his head. She knew his type; she’d been with his type. The type of guy who would fuck the shit out of a girl and leave her head spinning, wondering exactly when did cuddling become sexing as they watched a movie.

Dean was a nice guy and perfect gentleman, which she loved. But now he showed her his deviant side, which she had no idea how much she craved until that moment.

“What’s going on in that beautiful head of yours?” He asked.

“I’m just thinking,” she slightly shrugged.

“If it’s that whole respect thing in the morning, I’ll assure you I will.” He promised.

“No, it’s not that.” She replied.

“What is it?”

“I’m just wondering if I’ll respect you in the morning,” her lips turned up into a sensual curl, “because I’m about to make you sing like a canary.”

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