May 15, 2015


“Wear a skirt today.” Scott instructed as Mariana got ready that morning.

“May I ask why, Sir?”

“So it’ll be easier for Me to fuck you.” He straightened His tie and walked out of the bedroom.

It was amazing, Mariana thought, how Sir could arouse her so easily and He only said a few words. She considered herself lucky that morning. Whenever He cast a sultry gaze towards her direction, her entire being smoldered with undeniable heat and all she wanted was Him on top of her, thrusting hard inside and claiming her as His and only His.

Later that morning while everyone was celebrating monthly birthdays, Scott brought Mariana into his office. “We haven’t christened that couch,” he directed to a nearby sofa. “I want us to.”

Mariana glanced over to the sofa and softly bit her lip. Arousal raced through her body and her clit flittered with excitement. “How do You want me, Sir?”

“Face down, ass up.”


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