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For a long while, I wanted to break out of romance and do something different. I’ve always considered myself to be more of a writer, instead of an author. If you’re an author, you’re limited to just books. When you’re a writer, it opens up a broad range of projects.

And I tested those waters with Where I Wanna Be. I think so many people were too busy being mad at the content of the book that they didn’t realize I combined two genres – YA and adult erotic romance, something that isn’t done very often in romance and hardly at all, in Interracial Romance. But I digress. I wanted to show my range and not be pigeonholed into just writing what other people felt I should write.

Of course, me delving into YA didn’t come without some controversy. When I posted a snippet from the upcoming release several months ago, I immediately had readers tell me they weren’t going to read it. I think I had quite a few give me thesis paper-length messages about it. They were upset I was writing a S&M-spinoff without finishing S&M. (Honestly, the YA book is for the YA crowd. S&M is for the adult erotica crowd. I’m still not sure why anyone was upset.) I found myself at a crossroads because I have never written for an audience; I always wrote for myself and just hoped people liked it. And now people were demanding I didn’t write this book.

So I backed off and tried other approaches. I included a very generous snippet behind Fire We Make, went on different platforms to promote the book, and gauged the reaction from there. I should’ve known that a choice few that expressed their non-interest were just that – a choice few. Many others loved it. 

The Soul Infinity Crew is a spin-off of the S&M series, based on the teenage exploits of Scott & Mariana’s daughter. (So if you’re no longer interested, it’s best to stop reading right now). The story follows Olivia and three of her friends as they acquire superpowers. However, their newfound discoveries isn’t like anything in the movies. In fact, it’s caused nothing but bullshit and headaches.

The purpose of the SIC series (yes, it is a series) is to show minorities can also be superheroes as well (take that, Michelle Rodriguez!) and instead of waiting for someone to reboot Spiderman with a Black, Hispanic, or Asian person, teens can read about superheroes that look like them. 

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  1. stephaniejynelle says:

    I am going to read the series because I have a preteen daughter that loves to read. I want to share in here joy of reading and have open discussions about it. Thank you Ms. Vera.

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