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“How’s work?” Ashley asked me. Instead of the obvious porn vibe last time at their house, it felt more like a dinner. Dave whipped up these great steaks for us and they are delicious. Not quite as delicious as the threesome we had last time, but still nice.

“It’s work.” I shrugged as I cut into my steak. We’re on a real strict diet at SBG so the moment I can eat some unhealthy shit, I’m all for it.

“How’s John?” She asked.

I almost want to drop my damn fork and bolt. I was having a good time. I don’t need to be reminded about my asshole ex who I still have some feelings for. “I don’t know. Has he been calling you?”

“No.” Ashley shook her head. He hasn’t been calling? Not at all? Why? Wait, why do I care? “I guess he got the point.”

But what point does he have? The fact I’m a whore? The fact he’s a meddling asshole? I’m confused here. “I’m seeing someone, Ashley.” I took a sip of my wine.

“I know.” Ashley smirked at me. Of course she would know. Why wouldn’t she? She was probably in all the whole UPS shit, too.

I studied Ashley’s reaction and wonder what else she knows. She could be quite the Mother Hen when she wants to be. “Is it a mistake?”

“That depends.” Ashley sat down her wine glass and leaned in closer to me as if she didn’t want Dave to hear our conversation from the other room. “What’s the arrangement?”

“We’re having fun with it. That’s all.” I shrugged, though I can’t say for certainty I was honest. Are we just having fun with this?

Ashley smiled again and licked her lips. “All right.” It’s clear she just didn’t buy the bullshit thing I just sold to her, despite how nicely packaged it was. “But you didn’t answer my question.”

“He’s still paying for it, if that’s what you’re getting at.” I replied with a little more haste than intended. “But we’re having fun, Ash.”

Ashley wiped her mouth and stood up. She grabbed our plates and made her way over to the kitchen area. “If you say so.”

I quickly followed Ashley because now she’s just confusing me. I think that is what she was born to do. I leaned against the counter and folded my arms. “You have a lot on your mind, Ash?”

Ashley rinsed off the plates and put them in the dishwasher. She turned to me and has an air of concern on her face. This is not good. “You’re seeing a married man, Mariah. He may not be legally married but he’s definitely with someone else. If they were swingers, not a problem. But I don’t think Randall is like that.” She replied.

Honestly, I haven’t asked him. But with the way he’s spending time with me and sending me shit, I guess it’s not typical of swingers. But it is typical of a cheating bastard.

Ashley continued with her chat. “You need to be careful with what you’re doing. If someone finds out about this, we’re all fucked here and you know Briana and the other girls will quickly disassociate themselves with you based on the fact they don’t want to get fucked. It may be your life but ultimately, it’s everyone’s money. I just only want my Mariah to be happy.” She smiled.

I smiled back and gave her a hug. “Trust me, I know what I’m doing. If it gets too heavy, I’ll get out.”

“I hope so.” Ashley then pulled away from me. We both know what I said was bullshit but we’re both comfortable enough to let it go for now. “Oh, I think I left a glass in the bedroom. Can you go get it for me?”

“Sure! Be right back.” I head to Ashley’s bedroom and open the door. Before my very eyes, I see a naked Dave spread on the bed. He had candles lit everywhere and he’s stroking his hard cock. He doesn’t say one word to me. He just beckons me to come closer.

I quickly strip off my clothing and climb on top of the bed, where I take over cock-stroking duties. I don’t even say one word and gravitate my mouth towards his thick cock and begin to suck him off. Meanwhile, Dave repositioned me so we’re sixty-nining. He’s licking my tight, wet slit while I’m sucking off that hard cock of his, smearing his mushroom tip all over my lips as I try my best to deep throat him. I repositioned myself again on Dave’s cock and began to ride him slowly as he steadied my waist. “Mmm…” I purred. “Isn’t Ashley going to join us?”

“Later.” Dave motioned to my left. “She’s busy having her own fun.”

I looked over and saw Ashley fingering herself while she’s taping me fuck her husband. I love this couple.