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Mariah Jacobs is one of L.A.’s finest – finest escorts, that is. She has serviced everyone from A-list actors to singers to athletes, with no signs of slowing down. However, when a client wants to pursue a relationship with her, not to mention dealing with an ex-boyfriend who can’t seem to leave her alone, Mariah might have to put on the breaks and re-evaluate what she really wants out of her life.

A-list athlete Randall Keith always had it his way – and that’s exactly how he likes it. With all the money and fame he can handle, it is no wonder he is the golden boy of the sports world. So when he orders an escort to keep him company, he ended up more than what he bargained for and is determined to let Mariah know why she is exactly what he wants.

Can Mariah keep Randall at bay without disrupting her income? Or is she going to fulfill his Pretty Woman fantasy?

Blow by Blow is an interracial erotic romantic comedy that contains explicit sex scenes and frank language.


“Sharon?” Randall asked as I respond with a nod. “God, you’re stunning.”

“Heehee….thank you.” I giggled.

You probably think I’m used to a guy calling me hot, beautiful, stunning, lovely—okay, you get the point. But honestly, it still makes me blush. I don’t know. Maybe it’s my background. My dad rarely gave me a compliment and when he did it was along the lines of, ‘I see you’ve been laying off the potato chips, Mariah.’

Gee, now why am I an escort again? Oh yeah, because my dad was an asshole. Gotcha.

I let Randall inside the room and watch his every move. I’m actually surprised how fine he is. He’s really tall, probably over six feet. He has these beautiful baby blues and pouty lips that are to die for. His bronzed skin is slightly oiled and he looks every bit of the A-list actor I know him for. And his cologne? Whew. It’s a mix of musk with woodsy scents. I think he made me wet without trying.

Which makes me wonder…why does someone like him need to pay for it? Wait a minute. Why am I asking that shit? I’m glad someone like him needs to pay for it.

Randall went over by the desk and set down his luggage. Although he’s no virgin—at least I hope not—it’s clear this is Randall’s first time hiring a girl for sex. He fidgeted with his slacks a little, not sure if he should take them off or if that’s my job. He covered his mouth with his right hand and seemingly stared out into space, a signal that maybe hiring an escort wasn’t a smart idea.

And of course, the last tell-tale sign of Randall’s nervousness: he’s playing with his wedding band. He’s thinking about her. He’s wondering what he’s doing. He’s wondering what she’s doing. He’s contemplating calling the whole thing off, which is just fucking great for me. It means tonight I’ll be taking the lead—yet again.

My wig better not fall off.

“It’s okay to be nervous, Randall,” I walked over to him. I sat at a comfortable distance from him – close enough where I mean business and far enough where I’m not crowding his space. My job is to make the client feel as comfortable as possible. The moment he starts to think about changing his mind, I need to do whatever I can to convince him why that was a bad thought. You see, if Randall bails, I don’t get my bonus.

Let’s break it down. Randall calls the booker and sets up the appointment. Off the bat, the booker gets a small percentage of the date; usually between five and eight percent. You probably don’t think that’s a lot but if the date is running several thousand and the girls book a lot dates in a day, you can easily make a grand in just a few hours.

Okay, so after the date is set, Molly and Cynthia process the payment, which is always due immediately via credit card, money order, or cashier’s check. For some reason, Briana doesn’t allow the clients to pay cash but whatever it’s her business. From there, Briana takes out her share of the date, which is damn big. I believe it’s 57 percent. Yeah, Briana isn’t stupid.

From there, I get my share of the date. Now, if I really made a good impression—aka gave really good head—I get an extra bonus from Briana, which could range from five hundred to a thousand dollars.

That is why, ladies and gentlemen, this motherfucker better not leave.

I scooted a little closer to Randall and brushed a lock of hair behind an ear. Gently, I placed a hand in between his thighs and rub lightly. “What can I do to make you more comfortable?” What in the fuck can I do so I get my bonus?

Randall took my hand and gave it a squeeze. Good. That’s a very good sign. He warmed up. He then kissed my hand. Awe. How fucking romantic of the bastard. He looked over at me and gave me the look. You know the one. The look that screams, ‘I’m about to tear that ass up.’

Guess Randall wasn’t feeling so guilty about his wife after all. Good. Let’s quit the bullshit and start fucking already. I have a credit card bill I need to pay off.

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