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Angela McCool had always wanted to be a movie star. She’d pictured her name in bright lights, signing autographs, and giving press interviews. A one-way trip to Hollywood was going to be her big break. Many auditions and failed opportunities later, Angela was saved by a man named Jackson, under one condition—that he owned her.

Jackson Fischer was a businessman who saw money at every opportunity. It was fate that he met Angela one night, and it took little convincing to make her go home with him. Now came the bigger challenge—to keep her.

Enzo De Laurentiis was an agent to the stars and had dealt with many insane requests over the past several years. He also knew talent when he saw it. When he met Angela, he knew he could turn her into the Next Big Thing—as long as he could get her away from her pimp.

Will Angela be able to escape Jackson before it’s too late? Is Enzo really her saving grace?

Daddy’s Angel is a sensual/erotic book that deals with prostitution, empowerment, and trust issues.


The oh-so familiar sounds of lovemaking woke Liane up from her peaceful slumber. She tried to bury her head between the pillows but it was no use. It seemed the screams got louder. Liane was annoyed and about to give the participants a piece of her mind until she realized where she was. It was going to be something she was going have to get used to if she wanted a chance to bring Jackson down.

She’d slept in a guest room the night before and learned it was merely protocol, not preference that she did. That was good. She needed some alone time to figure out her thoughts and plan of action.

It was by chance—or maybe it was luck—that the room she stayed in was also Angela’s. While the other girls’ rooms were full of opulence and extravagance from the Chanel jewelry, Burberry handbags, and Balenciaga clothing, Angela’s was bare bones. In fact, if Liane had to guess, Angela probably shopped at a discount store in the mall.

She spent quite a bit of time snooping around Angela’s possessions, hoping she could scope out a little more about the mysterious woman who’d captured her friend’s heart. As suspected, Angela was a quiet and kept woman. She had a few fancy trinkets but not too many. She had three pairs of shoes—flats, sneakers, and high heels. She had exactly fourteen pairs of bras and panties, all matching. She had some clothing but Liane could tell, Angela didn’t shop much, and anything that was purchased was under Jackson’s influence and not her own.

As Liane stood in Angela’s room, she came to one solid conclusion—Angela didn’t have much because she didn’t want to. It was almost as if Angela waited for the day when she would literally leave with the clothing on her back and that was it. She never intended to stay with Jackson forever. She was simply biding her time.

“Fuck, yes, Daddy!”

Layla’s moans distracted Liane and she decided to head outside by the pool. Maybe by then, they would be done. As she made her way to the living room, she noticed the moaning becoming louder and louder. When she arrived to the living room, she was greeted by live porn starring Layla and Jackson by the pool.

Liane was mesmerized by Jackson. She felt his energy through the glass doors and felt her breathing slow down almost to a halt. The way he commanded Layla as she rode him, occasionally slapping her ass. Although she was on top, Jackson set the tone and pace—sometimes Layla moved fast on him, sometimes she rocked a slow tempo. Liane couldn’t hear what Jackson said to Layla but her imagination went into overdrive.

She was about to look away when Jackson caught her staring at them. He smiled at her and commanded Layla to ride him faster, while he stared into Liane’s soul. Liane’s eyes glanced back and forth from Jackson’s cock then to his eyes and she began to feel uneasy. She understood, for the first time, the intense power Jackson had over the girls at his home. All he had to do was look at them, and they did whatever he wanted, how he wanted, and when he wanted. He probably didn’t have to say a word.

Layla climaxed a short time later and collapsed on top of Jackson. He thrust inside her a few more times before he pulled out and shot his seed all over Layla’s ass.

Jackson smiled at Liane, who shifted uncomfortably in her stance. She folded her arms over her chest and sighed. He was already playing mind games with her. Now it was her turn.