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Mariah Jacobs is one of L.A.’s finest – finest escorts, that is. She has serviced everyone from A-list actors to singers to athletes, with no signs of slowing down. However, when a client wants to pursue a relationship with her, not to mention dealing with an ex-boyfriend who can’t seem to leave her alone, Mariah might have to put on the breaks and re-evaluate what she really wants out of her life.

A-list athlete Randall Keith always had it his way – and that’s exactly how he likes it. With all the money and fame he can handle, it is no wonder he is the golden boy of the sports world. So when he orders an escort to keep him company, he ended up more than what he bargained for and is determined to let Mariah know why she is exactly what he wants.

Can Mariah keep Randall at bay without disrupting her income? Or is she going to fulfill his Pretty Woman fantasy?

Blow by Blow is an interracial erotic romantic comedy that contains explicit sex scenes and frank language.


You know what I love about cartoons? It doesn’t matter what day you’re having or who’s pissing you off; you turn on some cartoons and everything is all right with the world. It takes me back to my childhood when everything was pure and innocent. I used to climb into my bed with my Oreos and milk and just watch cartoons all day until the sun went down. You see back then, we didn’t have a VCR or anything hi-tech like that so I had to get up extra early to watch cartoons.

Oh, the good ‘ol days. Some of you young ones probably don’t even know what a VCR is.

“I was always a Pink Panther fan,” Randall suddenly said. Oh goody, he’s awake. He spent the last fifteen minutes dozing and I had turn up the Care Bears just so I can drown out Snore Bear. “I just thought he was the coolest cat out there.”

Okay, so maybe Ran-asshole isn’t so bad. He has good taste in cartoons. “Really?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. I liked them all. The Smurfs, Transformers, Alvin & the Chipmunks, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Inspector Gadget, the Jetsons…yeah, I was a cartoon fiend.” Randall grinned.

Okay, so maybe this asshole is growing on me a little.

“What about you?” He asked me. “What were your favorites?”

“Oh, I loved Jem.” I turned towards Randall. “I wished I was her when I was growing up. And Fraggle Rock…”

Randall glared at me with his mouth wide open. “I know you weren’t a Fraggle Rock fan.”

“Dance your cares away….worries for another day…let the music play…” I began to sing.

“Down at Fraggle Rock!” Randall clapped twice.

“Down at Fraggle Rock!” I clapped twice. Hmm, a man after my own heart….now only if he wasn’t married….

Randall laughed and turned to me, caressing my face. “Has anyone told you have the biggest eyes? They’re amazing.”

I don’t think I have to wonder why this man gets the panties on a regular basis. Even if he’s lying through the crack of his ass, he lays on the charm real thick. He could make a girl feel like she’s the only one in the world and there is something so comforting and sexy about that. “Thank you,” I softly replied.

Randall took the remote and turned off the cartoons. He then climbed on top of me and I spread my legs to accommodate him. Despite the height and weight difference, we fit together like puzzle piece as if we were meant for each other. “Unless you want to keep watching them?” He asked.

Usually I prefer to keep the cartoons on. If the guy is lame in bed, I can always look over and watch something more interesting than him. But with Randall, I have a feeling I’ll be a little distracted.

Once again, he started off with the kissing thing. Ugh. For a guy that loves 80’s cartons as much as I do, I can’t knock him now so I’ll deal with the slobberfest again. He trailed his tongue down to my nipples. Now I have small tits compared to the other girls that work for Hunter and Briana. I think out of all of us, Carey, definitely has us beat. If she ever is stuck in the ocean without a lifejacket, I wouldn’t be worried. She has fucking floatation devices for tits.

Anyway, back to Randall. He sucked on my nipples, tonguing and occasionally twisting them, making them harder with each action. A free hand met my pussy again and he began to finger me as he still paid attention to my breasts. My god, this man doesn’t know what he’s doing to me.

He suddenly stopped to retrieve the condoms from his luggage. I can tell just how Randall is with relationships based on the fact that he’s willing to use condoms. You see, most married men who cheat don’t believe it’s cheating if there’s a condom involved. I personally think that is the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard. Cheating is cheating, asshole. But whatever. It’s his conscience.

Randall slipped a condom on and he repositioned himself on top of me. “Ready?”

I’ve been ready, asshole. Stop talking and start fucking. “Yes,” I replied softly.

He slid inside me and my God, I can’t fucking breathe. He goes any deeper, it might come out of my throat. He waited a few seconds for me to adjust but a few seconds are all I’m getting. My pussy immediately clamped down on his cock, silently encouraging him to do whatever he wanted to me.

Randall started off slow, easing his thick cock inside me. It’s like my pussy and his cock were made for each other. Immediately, I’m in a different world. I’m floating on air. My eyes are closed and I hear these strange sounds around the room. It then occurred to me, the strange sounds were coming from me, like if I was mewing like a cat. But after a few minutes of nice and slow, Randall has enough of that.

He lifted my legs up in the air and thrust hard into me. The deeper he went, the louder and more voracious my moans became. It seemed my pussy got wetter by the second, signaling to him to keep fucking me and not to stop for nothing.

I don’t need to fake it tonight because this man has me screaming! I might bust a pop a lung if he kept at this shit. Naturally, I claw at him because as much I can’t stand the fucker, he’s fucking me pretty well now. He held both of my ankles with one hand while the other is playing with my clit, rolling it around his fingers.

Wow. His lack of eating out is being made up for in other ways. Did I say his poor wife before? Yeah, scratch that. She is one lucky bitch. No, wait, I am. I’m the one fucking him right now.

Just when I was about to climax, Randall suddenly stopped and pulled out. “Bend over,” he commanded.

Yes, Drill Sergeant.

He bent me over and slid into me. He grabbed my hips and he slammed into me hard. He leaned over my sweaty back and licked the sweat as his balls are tickling my pussy. I clenched around his cock tighter, wanting him to fuck me harder. Everything is going good. I’m screaming for him because I know that’s what he wants to hear and he’s actually fucking me the way I want him to. Once again, we’re keeping good company.

But you know I just hexed myself, right?

As Randall’s pounding into me, he suddenly pulled out and started to slap my ass with his cock. What in the fuck is that going to do? Get my ass off? Okay, this motherfucker has watched way too much porn.

So after he dick-slapped my ass, he entered me again and doesn’t miss a beat. His cock glided in and out of my slick core as I clenched tighter around his shaft. I could tell my moans are getting him off because each time I squealed or moaned, he hissed a ‘Fuck yes!’ Ooh, I like this one.

But unfortunately, I can’t keep up with this pace. I felt my body shake and that all-too familiar tingly sensation between my thighs. My pussy contracted harder, milking his cock. I’m about to cum and I know he felt it too. “Randall…” I moaned. “I’m about to cum…”

“Fuuuuuuuuuck,” he groaned. As soon as I climaxed, Randall isn’t far behind. He quickly pulled out and disposed the condom, shooting his hot seed all over my ass. He grabbed my shoulder, steadying himself and his breathing. “Fuck, you’re amazing, Sharon.”

Woohoo! He can pronounce my name right! “You’re amazing, too.”

After we come down from our highs, I get up to take a shower to wash off the excess “sex” on my body. I turned around and wink at Randall. “I’m going to take a shower now. Wanna come?”

Randall followed me into the bathroom. “How many times?” He asked.

Okay, I think I really like this one. And that’s not good.


“Have fun, Mariah?”

“Wasn’t it obvious?”

“I don’t know,” Aaron paused as he handed me a bottle of water. “You’re quite the expert at faking.”

One thing I love about Aaron is that he’s very honest with me. If I’m wearing an outfit that doesn’t accentuate my figure, he’ll tell me. If my makeup is too heavy, he’ll tell me. He’ll also give me tips on giving head, too. But our relationship is strictly professional and platonic and honestly, I can’t imagine fucking him anyway. He’s a really good guy.

Aaron’s worked with Briana and Hunter the longest—been around for about 11 years now. It started off as a side job he had while he was going to school. Can you believe he has a freakin’ degree in English? Why in the hell is he doing security for an escort service?

Anyways, Aaron liked the hours because he could study while the girls fucked and he got paid nicely. I’m not sure exactly how much he’s making, but I know it’s pretty sizable. Despite how much assholes they are, Hunter and Briana are pretty generous with the dollar. Aaron just upgraded from an apartment to a nice townhouse by the beach and drives a BMW as a his “play vehicle” when he’s not driving his truck.

“I didn’t have to fake it with that one, trust me.” I replied. As much as I’m on the bubble with Randall, the fucker has stamina. I haven’t seen one go like that since my ex, Johnny—more on him later. “I think we have to stop by the liquor store to get some throat lozenges. My throat’s killing me.” All that screaming will do that to a bitch.

Aaron tossed over some Halls to me. Another reason why this man is a genius. He knows what I want before I know. He glanced over my body before I shower. One of the key things in hooking is that any unusual markings, scratches, etc. need to be reported. Now you’re probably wondering there would be a lot of “unusual markings” in the act of sex. Well, you’re right. But it’s also in the contract.

If the guy bit me and he didn’t say anything about biting, he pays an extra grand. If he slapped my ass and didn’t mention that to the booker, that’s an extra grand. I don’t think Randall said anything about the dick-slapping, though. I need to check on that one.

“What were you doing to the poor bastard?” Aaron asked.

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “Let’s not even go there.”

“Okay, I won’t.” Aaron paused. “Sha-sh-sha-Sharon.”

“I’m going to kick your ass.”

“You’re not going to press your magic earrings and transform into a rock star?” Aaron smiled. I love this guy.

“That’s right because I’m truly outrageous, truly outrageous.” I smiled. “All right, I’m going to jump in the shower now. I should be out in a few.”

“Oh and you had a few voicemails.” Aaron handed me my cell phone. I unlocked it and see who called me. One is from Johnny, probably worried about me. Another is from Briana, probably wondering about my night. But the last one is interesting.

It’s from Ashley.

I dial in to my voicemail and go through my messages. Sure enough, I was on the mark with the first two. But Ashley’s message is a little cryptic.

Hey sweetie, just wondering how you’re doing. Give me a call when you get a chance. Dave and I would love to have you for dinner tomorrow night. Bye, sweets.”

Ashley and Dave want me over for dinner? Hmmm….whenever an owner wants to talk to an employee over “dinner” it’s never a good sign. I wonder how I fucked up now.


“I need a new name.”

“Did he stutter through Sharon?” Briana laughed.

“Not funny, Briana.”

“Actually, it is.”

Briana Ashcroft is the CEO of Sweet Baby Girl Entertainment, or SBG for short. She came up with the name because she felt we “entertain” our clients, instead of just sleeping with them. In a sense, she’s not wrong. We do escort men to various functions and not all of them want sex. But I will say the ninety-nine percent majority does.

Briana is a smart businesswoman. She purposely rented out a non-threatening business office in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. Conspicuous enough where no law enforcement would think otherwise; front and dead center in the middle of the largest entertainment capital of the world to serve any who can afford her services.

She’s a tall White woman with auburn hair that always looks like she just stepped out of a salon. Her brown eyes are sharp and they always cut through you, as if she’s waiting for you to spew some bullshit on her. She’s maybe 130 pounds on a good day, and has this innocent face. Yeah, I said innocent. She actually reminds me of one of those cherub figures. But don’t let the innocent look fool you. She’s been around the world twice, if you get what I mean. She knows a thing or two on pleasing and being pleased.

She also knows a lot about hooking. All of us are under a strict weight requirement and she has weekly weigh-ins to see if we’re not working out enough. If our appearances need to be changed in any way—that’s code for plastic surgery—Briana won’t recommend it. She’ll demand it. Hence why Carey looks like she’s about to topple over whenever she walks.

Despite all the bad shit about Briana, there is some good to her. She was actually the one that taught me about gag reflex when I first started hooking. She let me crashed at her place until I was able to afford one of my own. You wouldn’t believe how many nights her and Hunter kept me up with their fucking. And I’m not referring to me sleeping, either.

Anyway, whenever a client calls up for her service, there’s this short and sweet contract regarding the do’s and don’ts of the night:


Tip well.

Be vocal.

Compliment the escort on her services and appearances.

Refer your friends to SBG.


Disrespect the escort in any facet or your celebrity ass will be in the papers faster than you can pull your dick out.

See what I mean? Short and sweet.

“What about Shae? It’s short.” She suggested as she sat behind the dark mahogany desk with her feet up so I can get a good look at her Gucci heels.

“Sha-sh-shae….” I stuttered. “Not bad, I’ll consider it.”

“Good. So tell me about last night.” She leaned back into her leather chair and bounced it softly. “Good? Bad?”

“Interesting.” I reminisced. Randall was actually one of the best clients I’ve had in a while. “We watched cartoons.”

Briana raised an eyebrow. She’s heard of clients requesting strange shit like having their eyeballs licked and needles stuck through their balls. Yet, me and Randall watching cartoons clearly surprised her. “Really?”

“Only for a short while.” I shrugged. “He had to recover from shooting his load so quickly so we watched cartoons in the meantime.”

“Good, I’m glad everything worked out.” She smiled. She opened up her desk drawer and pulled out my bonus—a whopping thousand dollars. Good-bye, Visa bill. Hello, Neiman Marcus! “He was very impressed by you.”

“Really? Did he say by what?”

Briana shook her head. “Nope. He just said he was very impressed and he would be recommending your services to his friends in the league.”

I’m feeling a little bittersweet on that one. I want the extra clientele, don’t get me wrong. But I was really hoping Randall and I would have an exclusive arrangement. Oh, here I go. Sounding like I want a relationship with a guy whose name I could barely remember. “Sounds good.”

“Anything else, Mariah?”

I pondered for a brief moment as I’m trying to erase my mind from thinking about Randall. Since he was so generous of recommending me to his friends, he should be equally generous with his bank account as well. “Just curious, did Randall put something about dick-slapping in his contract?”

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