Take Care

“I need to head back to the hotel. I have a busy day tomorrow before I leave for Harlem again.” Eli made his way to the front door. “I’ll see you later, Moni.”

“You know…” Simone lightly crossed her arms and briefly glanced down at the carpet before she met Eli’s eyes again. “…you could always spend the night here if you like.”

“Eli, please fuck me…please…I want to feel your cock inside me,” Simone begged as she writhed beneath him.

He’d tied her to the bed before he placed a vibrator on her cunt. He loved watching her squirm with pleasure beneath him. “You want Daddy to give it to you?”

“Give it to me, Daddy,” she cried.

Eli gathered Simone’s legs and slid inside her with a hard thrust. He pulled back, almost out, until he pushed hard into her again. She felt so hot around his cock as her pussy tightly contracted around him. He drove deeper inside her until he was completely buried to the hilt and his balls were kissed by her slickness.

She whimpered as she gasped for air. Suddenly, almost on cue, she shattered beneath him, calling his name as her pussy milked his cock. He soon followed behind her and collapsed on top of her.

After a few moments, Simone finally spoke. “So much for our innocent movie night.”

Eli chuckled. “I’m sure Gran Torino is a great movie.”

“Eli?” Simone’s voice shook him from his memory and he came back to earth. “Are you okay? I said you could spend the night here.”

Every time he’d spent the night with Simone in the past, they ended up having sex. Even if they had a fight, they somehow ended up in bed together before morning came. Multiple orgasms and small welts in his back from when she dug her nails into his flesh, their problems were long gone and they couldn’t remember whatever it was they were mad about to begin with.

That was then.

Eli sighed and pursed his lips. Sure, the idea sounded innocent but he knew Simone. Better yet, he knew who he was. Could he stay inside her home and nothing happen? Sure, he could. Explaining to his wife that he spent the night at Elena’s mother’s home was not going to go over well. “You and I know that’s a bad idea.”


Clear out your weekends this September. You’re going to be busy…

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