#SexySunday Snippet: Discipline


Mariana quickly walked to Scott’s bedroom and didn’t see Him. She saw the bathroom light was on and she went in there. In the middle of the large bathroom was the dining room chair. It was completely covered in plastic. It was being held down by four chains on the legs. Scott had already removed His shirt and He was walking around the chair, making sure it was sturdy.

Once it was to His satisfaction, He turned His attention to Mariana. “Squat on the chair. Grip it as hard as you can,” He ordered.

Mariana walked over to the chair. She squatted on the seat, bending over to expose her ass. “Good girl,” Scott commented. He tied her ankles to the chair legs and her hands to the back of the chair. Mariana was stuck on the chair for however long Scott wanted her to be there.

She felt the light tap of a riding crop on her ass. Her Master tapped her ass with His toy of choice so Mariana was aware what implement He was going to use on her. She slightly nodded in acceptance and then waited. The first blow was always the most shocking, no matter how many times it had been done to her.

The first swat was surprising and stung a little. The second swat heightened the intensity of the first one. The third swat made Mariana smile. Ooh, how she loved the way Master spanked her. Her slit became moist again and she curled her toes. She wanted Him. She heard the buzzing of a vibrator and a slow smile formed on Mariana’s face. She wondered what vibrator He was going to use on her. He had an arsenal of them and her Master had used a few of them already on her.

“So this is your new favorite toy, huh?” Scott pressed the Hitachi against Mariana’s folds. The intense buzzing sent shockwaves through her being, from her spine to her core to her feet. Her toes curled once again, and Mariana gripped the chair tightly. “I wonder if you’ll still like it after tonight.” Scott instructed. “What’s my name?”

“Scott,” Mariana moaned.

“What’s my name?” Scott repeated.

“Ma…Master,” Mariana stuttered.

“Good girl,” Scott moved the vibrator to Mariana’s pearl. She began to writhe beneath it. “You move again, and I’ll stop doing it. You need my permission to cum.”

Mariana let out a deep breath. She couldn’t see what her Master was doing, how serious His eyes were. She only imagined them on her, studying her reaction. How intense and determined they were. He was testing, teasing her…wanting her to open more to Him. Give Him everything she was capable of. He wanted not just her body, but her soul, her mind, her energy, her love. Scott wanted all of Mariana, and she was going to give it to Him.

She felt the first coils of an orgasm approaching and she needed to release. She felt her pussy involuntarily contract, aching for that sweet gift. “May I cum, please?”

“No,” He barked.

“May I cum please?”

Scott firmly pressed the Hitachi on Mariana’s pearl and held it steady. “No, you disobeyed Me.”

Mariana gasped and gripped the chair harder. She swallowed several times, hoping that would somehow hold off the impending orgasm. But her Master was teaching her a lesson. A slow, torturous lesson. She disrespected His commands, His wishes, and His needs. He was going to make sure Mariana would never forget this night. “Please? Please?” she begged.

“No, I’m not sure if you know to follow instructions.”

Mariana felt how slick she was becoming and her wetness formed a small pool beneath her. Her muscles became to spasm on their own and her toes were permanently curled. “Please, Master…I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…Your submissive begs for Your forgiveness. Please, please, can I cum?” She begged.

Scott was satisfied with Mariana’s apology. “Okay, you can cum.”

The orgasm shot through her body, touching all of her senses. Her Master fed her hungry clit, and when she finally released, Mariana cried out her Master’s name and came all over the chair. She was soaring high, so high, and felt delirious.

Scott walked over to Mariana and squatted in front of her. Her eyes were heavy and half-opened. Her lips were pursed together and she breathed hard. “Where are you?” He quietly asked her.

Mariana wanted to continue. Her mind wanted one more reward, one more experience. But her body was exhausted. She had been brought to her limit and couldn’t continue, no matter how much she wanted to.

Exhausted, Mariana uttered that fateful word she never thought she would say: “Red.”


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