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Normally, I wouldn’t promote/post this snippet on this blog. There are a few reasons, but mainly, it’s a YA story and my blog is adult-oriented. Since the release date of Soul Infinity Crew is coming up (it’s actually being pushed back to May 15th), I decided to get the promotion train going.

Soul Infinity Crew is a YA-spinoff of S&M. That being said, you don’t have to read S&M to understand Soul Infinity Crew (SIC). SIC is geared to the YA crowd and it’s a story that’s been on my heart for a while.

The goal of the SIC series is for it to be for the YA crowd and S&M to be for the adult/erotic romance crowd. Yes, it is possible to have one single story branch off into many others and cater to different groups. After all, the D’Amato Brothers series and Daddy’s Angel are also  S&M spinoffs (surprise?).

Enough babbling, onto the snippet…



Olivia Reed doesn’t want to be a superhero, yet she is one.

A freak accident at the high school bonfire turned her, her boyfriend, and two of their friends into teenage superheroes. But what they’re dealing with is nothing like the movies or TV; in fact, it’s caused nothing but problems and headaches.

Now Olivia is in a predicament – does she use her power for good or does she keep it a safely guarded secret forever?

The Soul Infinity Crew is a series of YA books that deals with mystic powers, teen angst, and true love.

Unedited Snippet:

Most teenagers her age had normal parents. They got up and went to work, led private lives, and were lawful citizens.

Most teenagers.

And then there was Coco Martin and her parents.

She the distinction of being the only child of former NFL great, Darius Martin, and his ex-wife (and Coco’s mother), Delilah George. Accounts of how her parents ended up together vary from Delilah being a persistent groupie at Darius’ games to Darius being charmed by Delilah at the retail shop she worked at. It didn’t matter. They married in a very lavish ceremony and two years later, Coco arrived.

Three years after that, her parents divorced. Coco didn’t remember any details about the divorce but rumors of infidelity and money theft ran rampant. Her father had an airtight prenup so Delilah was only entitled to child support. No matter how many times she had gone to court to get an increase due to “lifestyle issues”, the court always sided with Darius.

Coco, through it all, didn’t have a bad childhood. Her father remarried and had two more children with his new wife, Susan. Coco spent much of her childhood with her father and half-siblings and she only had fond memories of them. Although her parents shared joint custody, Delilah was raised by her father and step-mother, seeing her mother when time permitted.

Well, that’s what she told everyone. In reality, Coco saw Delilah when Delilah wanted to see her.

Shaped like an hourglass with a vixen personality to match, Delilah was well-known in the L.A. area by many athletes. One could always see her in the front row at the Lakers game. She frequently hung out with the other wives and girlfriends (also known as WAGs) of the Dodgers. She was a red carpet favorite before it was a thing for people to be famous, just to be famous.

She’d been linked to many celebrities, both athletes and actors, and yet she never had a solid relationship. It was only a matter of time that Dellah found life in the reality TV show realm, where she perfected the role of Bitch People Loved to Hate. Delilah soon found her star rose to current pop culture phenomenon, only to be “out-famoused” by those with legit talent and that infamous reality TV family who all shared an ubiquitous K name.

And then there was Coco.

Her mother only told her she was starring on a new TV show and she wanted Coco’s feedback on it. She watched in agony as her mother flipped over a table, threw a drink of supposedly expensive champagne in one woman’s face, and got into an infamous weave-tussle with another. And the language? Every other word was bleeped out but Coco knew what Delilah said. It didn’t take a genius to figure out the rest of the word if the beginning of it was mother.


Soul Infinity Crew will be released on May 15th.