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Fire We Make - Vera Roberts

He dived into her, his stubble tickling against her skin. His hungry lips attacked her neck, trailing his tongue down to her collarbone before he stopped at her breasts. He circled the nipples and lightly suckled on them, once again leading his tongue down her navel and to her sex.

He spread her legs open and gently bit the inside of one thigh. He moved to the other thigh, inhaling her scent, and licking his lips in anticipation. He briefly looked up and saw Liane cupping her breasts, and pursed her lips together in anticipation. He smiled at her, and smirked.

He focused back on her wet slit and swollen clit peeking out from the folds. He sucked hard on the clit, his tongue circling it before he lapped up more of her. Her taste, her smell…the way her body rode his tongue made him want her even more.

Liane gasped at the pleasure. Her body arched at his touch, sending her emotions into overdrive. She promised herself the reason for her visit was to end his hold on her. They were not good for each other and it had been proven repeatedly. The truth was, they were good for each other, almost perfect. She gave him what he wanted and he brought out what she thought she needed.

How could it work? Was Jackson honestly going to give up everything for her like he’d once promised? Liane didn’t believe and furthermore, she didn’t think Jackson would be capable of doing so. She was just going to enjoy him for the time, and push back all nagging thoughts about their doomed relationship.

Jackson’s tongue was magical and his hands were heaven-sent. Her fingers entangled in his hair as he relentlessly teased her with his tongue. He once again found her clit and sucked hard on it, causing Liane to arch off the bed and call out to the heavens. She collapsed back on the bed, her body trembling with pleasure, and her mind clouded with emotions.

Her eyes flew open when Jackson entered her and swallowed a couple of times to adjust to his size. “Shh…” He purred. “…I won’t hurt you.” He slowly moved inside her, his thick shaft buried to the hilt as she clench against him. Their kisses were short, wild, and full of passion as his thrusts sped up. She whimpered and writhed beneath him as he moaned against her.

They interlocked hands and they both knew it wasn’t over; it couldn’t be, not by a long shot. There was too much emotion, too much history, and too much love between them. They didn’t know how it would work or if it could work. All they both knew was that it had to work. There was no other option.

They moved together faster and harder, both anxious to reach the climax. When it happened, Liane’s body stilled as the orgasm washed over her. “Jackson…” Her whimper came out barely a whisper.

Jackson moved faster; his balls tickled with each thrust and met Liane with a climax of his own. His body shuddered against hers and a low moan escaped his lips. He softly kissed her again, cupping her face with one hand as he shifted his weight off her.


“How come we didn’t work out?” He asked.

Liane slowly opened her eyes as she felt the soft rise of Jackson’s chest underneath her head. Their reunion was so wonderful with the sex being hot and unpredictable as before. He took her to new heights and made her body sing with each stroke and thrust. It was a familiar dance between them with the same moves but things were different. There was more passion, more intensity. More love.

She loved him; there wasn’t a doubt about that. She couldn’t see herself with anyone else and wanted to be with him forever. And she knew, by his actions, he definitely felt the same. The truth was their professions didn’t allow them to be anything more than just fleeting partners in the night. Liane wasn’t going to give up her pursuit of captain and Jackson wasn’t going to give up his hoes, despite proclaiming, he would for her. “You’re joking, right?”

“I don’t joke about wanting to be with you,” he murmured.

Liane let out a quiet sigh before she turned over and faced the starry night. Jackson’s hand crawled up Liane’s leg and he moved it inside, resting comfortably between the warmth of her thick thighs. She moaned in appreciation as he cupped her sex. “Jackson…”

“What?” He softly demanded. “It’s an honest question.”

“No, it’s a silly question and you know this.” She attempted to move his hand away from her heat and he wouldn’t budge. The next sigh was in frustration. She should’ve known the orgasmic bliss was going to be a short-lived affair. Why couldn’t they just be regular people with the friends with benefits arrangement? Get together every once in a while, hook up, and go about their business with no stress and most importantly, no bullshit. “We can’t work.”

“We can’t work…” He softly kissed her shoulder. “…Or you don’t want us to?”


Fire We Make (Jackson and Liane #1) is available now at Smashwords, Amazon, All Romance, and Barnes & Noble.

Part 2 of the three-part series will be out this spring.

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