September 2015

“Faith, you need to understand something. You see, my issue is with Eliodoro. I don’t care about you. Never have and I never will. You can make all the sly comments about me, having all of your friends agreeing and hi-fiving you if it makes you feel better. But you’re pressed and you stay pressed. You claim you don’t like me yet, my name stays on your tongue. You see whenever Eli comes over, he doesn’t talk about you nor do I ask. While he does it out of respect, I do it because I don’t care. So keep talking trash about me while claim you’re this Christian who praises to an invisible God. Keep saying negative things about me, though you clearly don’t subscribe to the very real notion of karmic retribution. Keep being pressed and mentioning me in all of your discussions while I’m still making money and raising my daughter. Because no matter what you say, no matter what you do, here is one key fact you cannot deny – your husband left you for me and by the way you’re acting, he’ll do it again.”

11 thoughts on “September 2015

  1. azgudazitgetz says:

    Faith really does need to stop running her mouth about Simone, but that female is taking too many liberties with her mouth as well. So what if you have his child, she still his WIFE. Sone needs to be put in her place once and for all, and Faith needs to realize that she is doing nothing more than feeding into Simone’s need to feel relevant.

  2. vickidg says:

    Oh, hell no. Whip her ass with your words Faith. Don’t back down….this heifer came to your job the first put her in her place….fight for your man cause she is scared.

  3. tiana j says:

    I wouldn’t trust Eli as far as I could throw him, he’s not the faithful type, he did leave Faith for his high school fantasy and would probably do it again.. I’d love to see Faith pop Simone in the mouth one good time though

  4. bkny127 says:

    I can’t wait for this. Simone is absolutely right. Faith needs to stay in her lane and deal with her husband. Simone did not get pregnant by herself. I hope Faith grows the hell up and act like a grown woman.

  5. Kim Scott-French (@Ksfgyrl6) says:

    Ok while I am definitely no fan of Simone, and I haven’t read the entire context of this conversation, I have to say she has a point if Faith is truly talking about her. If you all recall Faith had some real maturity issues in the last book, this was part of Eli’s struggle and wanderlust (my own opinion here). I am not saying that Simone had a right to say these things to Faith, however, Faith needs to remember that Eli returned to HER! She has Eli and the best retribution in this situation would be to remain peaceful and above the drama that Simone is trying to create (I know that I might be getting too realistic here ladies – LOL). However, something tells me that Faith is probably creating some drama of her own (if I have to base it on this conversation). All in all – I can’t wait to read this book!

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