Behind the Pen: Anticipation and Taking It Back…

Back to the Basics: Behind the Pen – Author Edition

I have a series of short stories coming out soon, along with two major novels. For one of the projects, I decided to go back to basics…

When I first started writing the S&M series, it was just me and my imagination. It eventually grew to several beta readers and two editors. I decided, however, for the latest installments, to go back to where it all originally started.

Just me. And one of my editors.

It was nice, for a change. No pressure. Not a lot of voices telling me where I needed to take the story. It was…a breath of fresh air.

For the past couple of years, I’ve struggled with the S&M series. Not necessarily writing it but getting excited about writing it. Each time I did get excited about writing the story, I would share my enthusiasm, which I have learned now, was a mistake. Immediately I was flooded with what I should do, what needs to happen, what should’ve happened, etc. The voices became loud and quite unbearable to hear.

And if it weren’t the suggestions, it was trickery. I even had one reader, who I’ll call Basic Bitch, tell me how poorly written To Love and Obey was just so I could hurry up and finish S&M IV and she even sent me suggestions on what I should do. (Facts: S&M 1 and 2 weren’t edited at all, To Love and Obey has outsold the entire S&M series, and S&M IV was originally supposed to come out spring 2013. For all, this is a good lesson – one bad apple really does spoil the bunch.)

So I decided to go back to basics. All Vera. All alone.

It was nice. I was under no pressure and no one other than my husband and my editor knew what I was doing. It was just plain and simple. My thoughts, my imagination, and music was really all I needed to write a good story.

Oh, actually I had two other people – my real-life Zerrin and Stacey, who are a part of my beta-read team. They’re also my fact-checkers.

There’s no purpose for this post other than that. I thought it was something interesting so I decided to share. 🙂

Anticipation is out NOW.

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  1. stephaniejynelle says:

    No one does you better than you Ms. Vera. I have you as one of my top three favorites because of how you write original and interesting things that don’t always fall in the expected category. It is all good.

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