Anticipation – Release Day!

I decided to do a soft release on this short story. Not that I’m anti-promotion but honestly, I’m really busy with an infant and working on multiple stories. I hope y’all understand.

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We decided to go with a combination of To Love and Obey and S&M for Anticipation is a crossover novel of both books. Not a lot of thought was put into this, honestly. We just wanted something that represented both Doms.

The blurb:

She knew she was in over her head the moment she saw Them both.

Krista Allen recently became fascinated with BDSM by reading a flurry of romance novels on the subject. Deciding she read enough about it and wanted to experience it for herself, she headed to one of New York’s finest BDSM clubs, hoping to encounter two of the most sought-after Doms. Little did she know, she would need to work hard if she wanted her fantasy to come true.

Scott Reed has a submissive specifically picked out for Him by His Mistress but He wants a bit more experience before He turns all of His attention to her. When He sees Krista at The Dungeon, He helps her understand the BDSM lifestyle and show her a little bit of what it is about in ways she couldn’t imagine.

Saint Nick doesn’t have a lot of time to spare between his profession and nurturing His two submissives, Stacey and Whitney. When his good friend from Los Angeles comes out for a favor, Nick is very grateful and advises Scott on his issue with Mariana, his maid. He also returns a favor to Scott for his time as well.

Anticipation is the first D’Amato Brothers/S&M crossover novella. It deals with BDSM, D/s relationships, trust, and commitment issues.

This is the first book in a two-part novella series and the lead-in to the sixth D’Amato Brothers novel, due in 2015.


The first few pages is available on goodreads here.

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