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A few of the submissives gasped as they saw Master Scott walk into the room. Wearing a crisp white shirt with open collar and pleated black slacks, He walked over to Whitney and put His hands on her shoulders. Nick nodded to him, signaling it was time to start.

Scott massaged and pinched Whitney’s breasts as Nick grabbed a Hitachi vibrator and turned it on. “Tonight, we’re going to have Whitney climax in a variety of ways, giving her a full-bodied orgasm. She has allowed Us to use electro play on her, so hopefully We can be successful with that as well. For this demonstration, I will need absolute silence until the end.”

Nick placed the vibrator on Whitney and she softly jerked at the sudden buzz. The vibrator tickled her swollen clit and her body instantly reacted to the welcomed invasion. She lightly moaned and softly breathed as she was taken to different places. She had long dreamed of being dominated by two men – Master Scott and Saint Nick, specifically – but this was taking her above and beyond what she could imagine.

She felt the vibrator turned on to a higher speed and her pussy responded by jerking upwards to get more of the wonderful sensation. Her legs shook uncontrollably, her breathing became increasingly labored, and her senses were heightened due to the restraints and blindfold.  She felt the orgasm crawl all over her body before she finally exploded into a loud cry.

“Now that she’s nice and slick,” Nick took out a butt plug and lubed it up with Whitney’s juices, “we’ll start the scene.”

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