So Unusual…

When it comes to the Vera Roberts brand, my hubby and I are part of a team that consists of roughly 5-7 people: I’m the writer, he’s the cover artist, we have an editor, and several beta readers. My husband’s job, if you can call it that, is pretty important; he’s responsible for what many would buy based on the ‘ooh, shiny’ factor.

Amongst authors and readers alike, there’s been a lot of discussion on if a cover truly helps a book sell well. The jury is still out. A sexy cover doesn’t automatically guarantee high sales. Contrarily, a plain cover doesn’t guarantee bad sales.  It really is luck of the draw.

I can present to you Exhibit A:

Wait for Love cover web

We kept going back and forth on whether to use a couple or an inanimate object for the cover. I usually try to pick models that look similar to who I wrote in the book. There have been times where I’ll actually change the look of a character to match the model on the cover if I’m certain that’s the cover I’m going to use.

Wait for Love is different.

As hard as I tried, I couldn’t find a model that looked like my muse, Scott Eastwood. In case you don’t remember what Scott Eastwood looks like, here’s a refresher:


And I must say, I wrote his description pretty accurately. 🙂

So we brainstormed about it. I told Maks what the story was about and what both of the characters actually do for a living. The hero, Ryan, is the owner of several coffee shops. The overall theme of the story is going after love when you least expect it and even when you’re not entirely sure you’re ready for it.

Thus, the cover and title for Wait for Love was born.

The inanimate object cover is actually pretty common in the fiction world. In fact, it’s actually becoming more common in erotic fiction a la Fifty Shades of Grey. There are many covers that don’t even have objects, and just the words. It’ll be an interesting experiment. We’ll get to see if people will buy the book based on the fact it’s from me, it’s a well-written book, or that the cover (which I’ve dubbed as the ‘anti-cover cover’) will turn them off from purchasing.

Wait for Love is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance. A sneak preview of the book is available at goodreads here.

6 thoughts on “So Unusual…

  1. Kiru Taye says:

    I think the cover is sweet. Covers with inanimate objects do well these days so I’m sure this will do well too.

  2. misspmh says:

    I personally love the cover. If anything, it makes me want to read the story even more. It’s clean, appealing, and it bears relevance to the storyline. Like the other comments stated, because it’s a Vera Roberts work, it’s gonna get clicked regardless of the cover.

  3. Kim Scott-French (@Ksfgyrl6) says:

    I have to say that seeing so many of the same covers over and over again, it is refreshing to see something different. I am personally glad that you chose an inanimate object that better fits the story. I have to say that sometimes (to your point) the description of the hero or heroine does not match the cover model and it can be distracting. I personally base my choice on the description or synopsis of the story and (more recently) the reviews. But if I see your name as the author no need to read the synopsis or reviews – I just buy it! You never disappoint me!

  4. Annigrey says:

    I agree that the cover is what attracts readers but I’d want to think that this is merely just a piece of that pie. A gorgeous cover without great writing is merely a gorgeous cover and a book that others may find just so. Will it continue to draw people to read, or will the blurbs, snippets , or reader experience be the tell all? It is an intriguing question but as a reader and aspiring author, I think that a successful book is more than the sum of its parts.

  5. stephaniejynelle says:

    I one clicked it because it is written by Ms. Vera. THe cover doesn’t sway me unless it is a new writer to me. I have yet to be disappointed with the content if anything Ms. Vera writes. I am looking forward to reading it tonight.

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