#SexySunday: Wait for Love


Ryan woke up to the smell of chocolate chip cookies. He briefly searched from Alyssa in his bed and quickly realized it was Alyssa in the kitchen and not a dream about his childhood.

Chocolate chip cookies? He knew there was no way they would be the typical gooey Nestle Tollhouse, still piping-hot from the oven and go great with a big glass of ice-cold milk. Alyssa was a vegan and a serious one at that. She didn’t do it part-time like some people he knew. From her hair and body products to the vitamins she consumed, Alyssa was very serious about her health and lifestyle. Ryan found himself oddly curious about how the cookies would taste.

He quickly grabbed a pair of lounge pants and put them on before he made his way to the kitchen. Bouncing her ass around as she danced to Bell Biv Devoe, there was the love his life. A cookie sheet of hot cookies fresh out of the oven was on the stove, while she was making another batch on the counter.

Ryan’s only thought was perfection.

“You always make cookies after sex?” He inquired.

“Jesus!” Alyssa dropped the spoon and turned towards him, grabbing her chest as her heart nearly beat out of her skin. She turned down the radio as Ryan offered a mea culpa. “Next time warn a sista when you’re about to sneak up on her like that!”

“Mmm, if I warn you…” He grabbed her waist from behind and nibbled on an earlobe. “…I can’t sneak up on you like that.”

Alyssa felt her knees become weak and her heart soaring up to the heavens. It was exactly like those sappy love songs she’d heard on the radio all of her life. She honestly thought the singers were just full of it and mainly wrote the songs to give hopeless saps something to fantasize about.

Now she was one of the hopeless saps. A bubbling, cheesy-grin, sore-between-the-thighs hopeless sap.

“Sooooo…” He buried his face into her neck and nuzzled against it. “….you’re going to explain to me how you made vegan chocolate chip cookies.”


He rocked her side to side. “Now.”

Alyssa felt Ryan’s erection poking into her. “Like this?”

Ryan pulled down a strap of Alyssa’s cami tank top. “Like this.”

“Well,” she swallowed and concentrated on the ingredients in front of her, “I make flax eggs.”

“Now what are flax eggs?” He kissed her shoulder.

“Flax eggs I construct with one tablespoon of flax meal and three tablespoons of water for each egg I want to use.”

“Got it,” he pulled down the other strap. “Then what?”

“Then,” Alyssa cleared her throat, “I beat the vegan butter and white and brown sugar together. Then I add in the vanilla extract.”

“Mmm…” Ryan lifted up Alyssa’s top and caressed her breasts, gently squeezing and cupping them. “…then what?”

Alyssa felt her pussy contract and leaned into Ryan as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Electricity soared through her body and she was barely hanging on by a thread. “Then I add in the flour, baking soda, and baking powder.”

“Ooh,” Ryan placed a trail of kisses down Alyssa’s back until he reached the top of her underwear. He then pulled them down her legs as he kissed her ass, gently biting each cheek. “So when do you add in the chocolate chips?”

“They’re the last thing I add,” she whimpered, gripping the counter hard. “And then I get the tablespoon and scoop some up and drop them on the cookie sheet.”

Ryan nudged Alyssa’s legs apart and played with her wet heat.  He kissed the nape of her neck and gently sucked on it.  He turned her around and sat her on top of the counter, spreading her legs apart. His lips moved from her neck to Alyssa’s lips, devouring her as he continued to play with her pussy.

“Hold onto me, baby,” he murmured.

Alyssa wrapped her arms around Ryan’s neck as he played with her. She moaned into his mouth, silently begging not to stop as her hips moved to the rhythm of his fingers. She felt him insert two fingers in while his thumb circled her swollen nub. He moved his fingers inside her faster until she was shaking uncontrollably and climaxed all over his fingers, the same time the buzzard for the cookies went off.

“I’ll get those.” He smiled.


Wait for Love will be out the week of August 17th. It’ll be priced at $3.99.

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