Sunday Snippet: Daddy’s Angel: Full Book

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Angela walked over to the bed and collapsed on it. She managed to kick off her heels and swore she would never wear heels again as long as she lived. She also made another silent note to listen to Enzo when he’d advised her to wear comfortable shoes. Had she known he was going to make her walk, seemingly to the core of the Earth and back, she would’ve brought her flats.

They walked around the museum and learned about the history of the island. They went on a food tasting, experiencing exquisite dishes that satisfied her palate. They watched the dolphins on another tour before heading back to the yacht.

She felt the bed move and didn’t turn to see Enzo lying next to her. She heard him take a large breath and he wrapped his arms around her. It was crazy to Angela how quickly she’d gotten used to Enzo’s embrace, as if she was waiting for it her entire life. No other man, or john for that matter, made her feel like she was the only girl in the world. Now Enzo made her feel like a queen tenfold.

She deeply inhaled his scent of musk, earth, and wood. His body, his soul, his entire being was pure raw sexuality and he proudly wore it. He had a confidence that was undeniably sexy, and as a result, she began to feel more self-assurance. Maybe Enzo was what she’d needed in her life all along.

He was definitely what she wanted.

Angela snuggled her body against his and felt his soft breath against the nape of her neck. She closed her eyes and exhaled again, letting go of just everything in her life—her past, Jackson, and worries about the future. Enzo said to trust him and it wasn’t a suggestion but a direct order. Angela decided she wasn’t going to question Enzo on anything any longer. Either she trusted him or she didn’t, simple as that.

She turned towards him and rolled over until she was straddling him. Enzo slowly opened his eyes and glanced up at Angela with a knowing smirk.

“Unless you’re too tired…” She began.

Enzo reached up and began to unbutton Angela’s sundress, exposing her lacy white bra. “I’ll always be hungry for you.”


Daddy’s Angel is now available on Smashwords, All Romance, and Amazon. It’ll be available on Barnes & Noble later this week.


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  1. Monique Nelson says:

    I enjoyed Daddy’s Girl. i was rooting for Jackson and Liane. the end where he told her they went to school together was a good twist. it pays to pay attention to those you meet in life. you never know where your paths will cross again.

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