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So funny yet so true to say.

This week has been an interesting one in the life of Vera. I finished one story and started to write a very short one that I’ll publish soon this week. Then I started mapping out another story. Busy, busy, busy!

On the personal front, it’s been pretty spectacular – Yoda said his first word:

Mama. ❤

It’s really cool when your kid does something pretty monumental; things we all take for granted on a daily basis. You know what’s equally amazing? How quick one’s memory is when it comes to a child. You see, I can barely remember what I had for dinner the other night. I can’t really recall a conversation I’ve had weeks ago. But you best believe I know the lyrics to Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes and can recite them randomly day and night.

This summer will be Vera’s Summer of Love – nothing but heartwarming and tickle your funny bone stories. I decided to leave my heavier stuff – Love and War and S&M IV for the fall/winter. You might groan me now but you will thank me later.

Next up on the plate is a story whose title I keep changing. It was titled Can’t B Good. Then I changed it A Strange Arrangement. A friend and I were flirting with ‘And This Is Why You’re Single’ as a title but it’s kinda wordy. So I’m going to need help coming up with a title.

Summary: Two one-night-stand strangers decide to start dating each other and find out they both hate and love each other.

Some of you may have read the following snippet before since I did a sneak preview in a couple of groups. Could you be a dahling and read it again and see if you could come up with a title? Best title wins a free copy.

And there you have it,


(Unedited snippet….)

“Alyssa…” Ryan stood in front of her. “I never thought I would see you again.”

Alyssa briefly closed her eyes as Ryan’s words reverberated throughout her body. She already started feeling tingly and zaps of electricity shot up and down her spine. Her thoughts immediately went to when he would murmur her name over and over as she was underneath him, writhing and pleading for him to go deeper.

“Ryan…” she returned the husky tone and cleared her throat. She nodded towards the chair in front of her. “Please?”

Ryan sat down and smiled. Damn, she looked even more beautiful than the last time – the only time – he saw her. Wearing an argyle sweater and black slacks, Alyssa’s professional look made her even more attractive and for Ryan, that was saying a lot since he had already saw her naked.

Alyssa had a sensual aura about her that couldn’t be explained other than it drove Ryan crazy and he was borderline obsessed with her – what was she into, what did she like, what type of man she wanted and if he somehow fit into her plans for a husband and family.


“I never thought I would see you again.” He began, relieving his head of the crazy thoughts he just had. “To be quite honest, I didn’t think you would remember me.”

How could I forget? I was bowlegged for a few days. “I have a good memory if I say so, myself.”

“What brings you to Caffeinated? I’d never seen you around here before.”

“This,” Alyssa glanced around at the singles still participating in the event. “Not by choice.”

“Was it a successful night?” He hoped she would say no.

“It’s not really my thing. I was only here because my friends dragged me. I should’ve been home studying.”

“You’re in school?” Ryan was impressed. “What are you studying?”

“Business. I hope to open my own boutique one day.” Alyssa smiled.

“Great. I hope you succeed.” Ryan added.

Ryan’s eyes seemed to be endearing as if he meant what he said and it wasn’t a bunch of hot air being blown up Alyssa’s rear. Her heart stammered upon the realization. “Thank you.”

Ryan leaned in closer to Alyssa. “Would this be an appropriate time to ask why you suddenly left me that night?”

“I thought that’s what one-night stands do,” Alyssa offered. She didn’t consider herself to be promiscuous but she’d had her fair share of lovers to know when one overstayed their welcome in her bed. It was easier on everyone to keep morning-after conversation to an absolute minimum and part ways without much of a fight or even coffee.

“You seem awfully confident it would’ve just been an one-night stand.”

“You seem awfully confident it wouldn’t have been.” She countered back.

“Touche.” Ryan smiled. “Was I really that bad?”

Alyssa squeezed her thighs tight as warmth began to travel down south and her heart once again began palpitating. She instantly remembered as he guided her when she was on top, pulling her down to his level as he wrapped his muscular arms around her back and thrust up. He was the teacher, she was a willing student that night and she’d passed every test he’d given her. “I didn’t have a way of contacting you and we never did exchange numbers that night so…”

“Well, now you know how to contact me,” Ryan leaned back in his chair, “I’m always here.”

“I’ll be sure to visit more often then,” Alyssa replied. She held up her blended drink. “It’s great coffee you got here.”

“I’ll give you free coffee,” Ryan winked.

Ryan may have said something innocent but the gleaming light in his blue eyes implied he wanted to be the cream in Alyssa’s coffee. “I hope so,” Alyssa smiled. She looked down at her watch. She stayed longer than she’d intended at the coffee shop and a lovely evening of DVR recordings and too-hot soup was calling her name. “I need to be heading out now.”

“I want to see you again,” Ryan stated, his tone sounding more like an order than a request.

“You will,” Alyssa promised with a smile. “You will.”


He will not!

Alyssa slammed her freezer door shut after she grabbed a pint of vegan ice cream in anger and desperate hunger. It was two a.m. and she spent most of her night tossing and turning. Once she realized sleep wasn’t going to occur anytime soon, she began studying again. That was a fail as she remembered seeing Ryan at the coffee shop and her thoughts went from balance sheets to licking Ryan’s abs and squeezing his tight ass.

“And that’s why I’m up at two o’clock in the morning eating empty calories,” she shook her head. It had been several months since she’d seen him and she thought she finally got him out of her system. She’s had great sex before and romantic flings that dissipated into lovely memories.

But Ryan, though…he somehow got under her skin, other than the obvious. He was sexy, confident, and down-to-earth. His blonde, tussled bed head combined with his sparkling blue eyes was a dangerous combination. Figure in his muscular and taut body and thick shaft, Ryan was lethal and Alyssa never stood a chance.

I should’ve kept my black ass home that night.

She used to be carefree and open to love. That was during her virginal life and many light-years ago. Several horrible breakups and more than her fair share of assholes later, Alyssa always thought of relationships using her logical and trustworthy side (brain) and left her emotional and ‘let’s see what happens’ side at the door (heart). Every so often, a new player entered the game and just wanted to get her rocks off (loins).

Alyssa took a bite of her ice cream and groaned. She didn’t get Ryan out of her system; she simply pushed in the back of her mind and locked him up with a key, hoping he would never have to get out. Instead, Ryan busted his way through the locked door and now she knew where to find him. If it wasn’t for the fact his coffee shop had damn good coffee and she was a new fan, she would completely avoid Caffeinated.

No, she wouldn’t. Even if Caffeinated served shit coffee, Alyssa would find a reason to go back. She wouldn’t go every day because that would reek of thirstiness but she would go just enough to let Ryan know she was around and interested if he was game. They both knew he would be.

This is not good. Her thighs tingled with the thought of Ryan’s face climbing up from them, kissing her pelvic bone, then her belly button, finally nestling at her neck as he entered her. Her loins were obviously craving Ryan but the silent partner of the game was making her presence known – her heart. And it seemed logic was talking about taking a small vacation.

This was definitely not good.

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