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Daddy’s Angel II will be the full book. Somehow, I will try to market I as free though I’m not sure how I’m going to do that on Amazon.

The full book is 60K words and will be priced at $4.49.

To see who inspired me to write Jackson and Enzo, click here.

Now here is an unedited snippet. Daddy’s Angel (full book) will be out June 15th.


Enzo’s surprise turned out to be a private yacht in Marina del Rey, a city located not too far from Hollywood Hills. The driver dropped them off and sped off, leaving Enzo and Angela alone with a crew for the weekend.

“We’re heading to Catalina as planned,” Enzo instructed the captain in Spanish.

“Yes, Señor De Laurentiis,” The captain nodded and he instructed his crew.

Angela smiled at Enzo as he led her throughout the yacht. It was a mini-mansion on water, the only way she could possibly describe it. The yacht boasted of a master bedroom with plush white carpeting and golden drapes on the windows – each showing a different view of the ocean. It contained a mini bar and a private patio accessible only through the bedroom.

The dining area was accented by a crystal chandelier and French doors opened up to a small and private outdoor nook. It had rooming quarters for the crew of 12, a bar, small gym, two Jacuzzis, as well as a mini-Laundromat and several staterooms. Two chefs prepared all of the meals. It was no wonder the boat was named Ecstasy.

As Enzo showed her around, Angela’s jaw dropped. Every room was more exquisite and magnificent than the last one. The yacht had to have been worth well into the millions. “Is…is this yours?” Angela stared in awe.

“Oh no,” Enzo shook his head as they walked, “this belongs to one of my actor friends. He’s letting me use it for the weekend while he flew to Japan to promote his movie.”

“You have a really nice friend,” Angela commented.

“It’s the very least he could do,” Enzo winked, “I did help him with a huge payday so him letting me use his yacht and staff for free was just a small gesture.” They stopped at a door and Enzo opened it for Angela and walked inside. “Now you have two options here. If you want, this is your room for the weekend.”

The room was lovely enough with its overhead lights, cream carpeting, navy blue curtains and queen sized bed but it felt so empty and cold. Angela hoped the frown on her face wasn’t too evident. She didn’t want to sleep alone, not out of fear but with Enzo within a short distance from her. “And what is my other option?”

“Your other option,” Enzo moved closer to her and pressed his body into hers, “is to share a room with me.”

“Mmm…I think I like that option much better.” Angela wrapped her arms around his neck and met his lips. She opened her mouth and once again welcomed his tongue like a long-lost friend. She inhaled the spicy scent of his cologne and her body went limp. She felt the slick wetness forming between her thighs, compounded by the soft flitter of her clit and surrendered to him.

This was home. Enzo…was home.

She heard him moan and he soon took over the kiss, commanding his lips with hers. He picked her up and carried her to his room, a short walk down the hallway. He somehow managed to open the door and entered inside the room. He laid her down on the bed and adjusted his position so he was on top of her.

Their clothing was soon removed and Enzo didn’t waste time. Angela felt his hot mouth on one of her nipples and she arched her back in pleasure, gasping for air.  His tongue trailed down to her navel while his strong and needy hands roamed all over her body, squeezing and touching every crevice of her. He moved towards her sex and his tongue dived in, savoring and tasting her. The way her swollen nub bounced on his tongue as if her pussy was made just for him.

Angela’s legs shook as he devoured her, crying out to the heavens and silently thanking they were at sea. She came on his tongue and he didn’t stop, instead he grabbed both of her thighs and pulled her up closer to his mouth as he continued to lick her. Angela climaxed again and fell back onto the bed, delirious and spent. She’d never had back-to-back orgasms before and suddenly felt cheated that she never did.

She was gathering her breath when she heard the familiar tear of a condom packaging open. She felt her legs open again and opened her eyes to see Enzo on top of her, a sexy smirk on his lips.

He entered inside her slick wetness and Angela gasped, surprised at how thick he was and silently wondering if she would be able to accommodate. He waited for only a moment and a moment was all Angela was going to get before Enzo drove into her. He gathered her thighs once again and held them against his chest, getting deeper with each thrust.

A ball full of emotions flooded Angela all at once. Excitement. Passion. Ecstasy. Happiness. The one emotion that had long eluded her…the one she thought she would never feel again came crashing down on her.

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  1. stephaniejynelle says:

    That is so panty wetting good. I love the maze for Enzo. Jackson was not surprising since that’s how I pictured him. I’m looking forward to reading it. Ms. Vera does foreplay and anticipation very well.

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