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Unedited snippet:

He looked like something out of a romance novel.

Jet-black silky hair strewn across his face. Tawny and muscular skin that was delectable to the taste and touch. The slow rise and fall of his chest as he slept.

Angela took a sip of her green tea as she watched Enzo. Last night was every fantasy played out in delicious and erotic detail. The way they held hands as he was on top of her. The way he guided her hips as she rode him. The way he slapped her ass and demanded to know if she was his when he was behind her.

It seemed each time they made love, he’d figured out things about her from the previous time and memorized it. Enzo was on a mission, it seemed, to figure out the different ways he could get Angela to climax. She felt her clit fluttered when she briefly thought about his tongue on it and crossed her legs.

She didn’t want to go back to Jackson. She was already dreading Monday.

She wondered what Enzo’s plan was and why he was insistent she stayed out of it. A part hoped he wouldn’t bring Jackson down. A part of her wondered how nasty things would get if Enzo didn’t.

A large part of her, much to her dismay, hated the fact she cared for Jackson, even if it was just a tiny bit.

Maybe she wasn’t being fair to Jackson. Whatever she wanted, he gave her. If she wanted a break from work, she got it with no questions asked. He’d treated her with all-expense paid vacations to Italy, Paris, Guam, and Australia. She’d briefly mentioned how she wanted to see Christ the Redeemer in Brazil and Jackson started looking up travel arrangements shortly afterward. He’d treated her nothing but respect since she’d been in his home.

Respect. Now that was a peculiar term.

Did he really respect her?

She shared him with the other girls not out of want but rather, she had no choice. He was going to sleep with them and the only way Angela could protest was by sleeping with her headphones on so she wouldn’t hear them. The same applied with her “job”; she did it whether she wanted to or not. If she didn’t do the massage business, there was no use for her at the home and quite frankly, in Jackson’s life.

Was it possible to love and loathe him at the same time?

“You know you look so damn sexy when you’re in deep thought.” Enzo spoke.

Angela glanced up at Enzo and set down her coffee cup. “That’s a weird compliment,” she faintly smiled.

“How is it weird?” Enzo sat up in bed. “You’re sexy and you’re thinking. I think that’s a great combination.”

“I never had anyone told me how sexy I looked when I was thinking,” Angela shyly smiled and took another sip, “I just find it…odd.”

“Ooh, odd,” Enzo said it with intrigue. He moved his legs and sat his feet down on the floor. “I have to teach you to get used to odd compliments.” He winked. He got up and walked to the bathroom and Angela silently gasped at how beautiful his naked body was. She had seen and felt it several times over but in the stark daylight, Enzo looked like a piece of art.

Angela went back to thinking about everything. The past week was a whirlwind and she felt the end of her time with Jackson was coming to a rapid end. She needed to have more confidence in Enzo and what he’d promised her. She just hoped she wasn’t making a big mistake leaving the comfort of knowing and expected and diving head first into uncertainty and no guarantee.

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