#SexySunday Snippet: Daddy’s Angel II #ebook #kindle #nook


Here’s an unedited snippet from Daddy’s Angel II:

Enzo stood up from the table and held out his hand to Angela. “I want to show you something.”

Angela grabbed Enzo’s hand and he led her to the private balcony. A small breeze flowed through the brisk L.A. air and Enzo took off his blazer and covered Angela’s shoulders with it. “You see that?” He stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

Angela stared out into the starry L.A. night. All she saw were lights from the city below and stars above her. It felt surreal and so free. “What am I looking at?”

“The world. It’s yours. This is your town. I want you to own it.”

Angela’s thoughts went into something more deviant. She wanted Enzo to own something of hers. “How do I go about doing that?”

“I want you to be with me forever.” Enzo replied.

Angela shrugged. “Personally or professionally?”

Enzo gently nibbled on Angela’s ear. “Mmm….both.”

Angela closed her eyes and leaned back into Enzo’s embrace. Damn, he felt wonderful. The spicy scent of his cologne tickled her nose while his lips silently promised her multiple orgasms with each nibble on her ear. She felt the sexual heat emanating from him and in response, something within her stirred.

Sex with the johns was routine and commonplace. Even though her body appropriately responded, Angela never did enjoy it. Even sex with Jackson was predictable. She would get naked, lay down, and within minutes, it was over. She couldn’t think of a time, other than the first, when they actually made love.

I want to make love to you, Angela, but not like this…

“Did you mean what you say?” She finally asked.

Enzo rocked her to jazz music that played above them. “When?”

“When you said you wanted to make love to me?” Angela replied as she rubbed a hand over his arms. His strong and muscular arms completely enveloped hers and she felt at peace. She felt at home, even if home was only a temporary thing.

“I did,” he said, “I do. Whenever you want it. It can be tonight. It can be tomorrow. It can be whenever you want it. You’re in control of what happens to us personally.”

“And you’re in control in what happens with us professionally,” Angela added. It sounded too familiar. Enzo sounded just like Jackson.

“I’m control of your career as long you let me be. But if you’re thinking you’re moving from one pimp to another, I hate to disappoint you,” he replied.

“Do you always act like this?” Angela asked.

“Act like what?”

“The white-knight? You sweep in and rescue a damsel in distress and make everything all better?”

“No,” Enzo laughed. “I would prefer not to, honestly.”

“Why the interest in me?”

“Why not?” He challenged.

The intensity in his eyes and determination in his voice shook Angela to her core, causing her to shift her stance. “That night at the diner…how did you know?”

“I didn’t,” Enzo shrugged, “it was a lucky hunch.”

“A lucky hunch?” Angela was almost insulted at the idea.

“A lucky hunch,” he repeated, “I can never tell who has IT until I get a good look at them. Think about all of the actors you see on TV day in and day out. Some of them look rather average, don’t you think? Some of them look like people you’ve seen at the mall, in the clubs, whatever. And then some look like they’re destined for greatness. Some you look at and go, ‘You’re going to be a star! You’re going to do something big. I don’t know what but I know this isn’t the end-all for you.’”

“So what about me?” She was curious. “What did you think of me?”

“Well, there are a lot of things I thought of when I saw you but when I took a look at you, I thought, special.” Enzo’s lips curved into a proud smile followed by a twinkle in his eyes. “And I knew you had something. I just didn’t know what.”

Angela breathed a small breath of relief and her entire being relaxed. “How long do you think it will take for my career to take off?”

“I honestly can’t tell you that. Maybe instantly? Maybe a few years?”

“And what if it doesn’t take off?” Angela asked with sincere worry in her voice. “Then what I would be doing?”

Enzo turned Angela around and stared into her eyes. The intensity of his silver-blue eyes matched her doe-brown ones. “You need to stop thinking of a Plan B. Constantly having a Plan B messes up your chances of Plan A being successful.”

“You’re so confident.” Angela replied. “I’m sorry if I don’t share that confidence.”

Enzo swept his lips over Angela’s and she opened her mouth to accommodate him. Their tongues intertwined as Enzo pressed his body more into hers. His lips once again moved from her mouth and lightly nipped her jawline before he made his way down to the hollow of her neck, where he placed small kisses on it. She felt his erection teasing the vee of her sex and Angela was tempted to forego dinner and go back to the hotel.

Enzo finally broke away and touched heads with Angela. “I guess I have to fuck the confidence into you.”

“Mmm…I guess you have to.”


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